Welcome to the GoodLuckCuck.com. In this website that really started as an online journal, I'm going to discuss many things, but with a focus on the cuckold lifestyle. What is that?  Simply put, one partner stays faithful while the other partner does not.  The other partner is free to have sexual relationships with the people they choose.  Is that really a simple answer? No there really isn't a simple answer of what it is and that's what makes it beautiful and sometimes frustrating. 

Well now you probably all want to know who I am. Well not that is a complex question as well.  Who am I really?  I wear so many hats in my daily life.  Am I the person I was told to be as I grow up?  Am I the person who they expect me to be at work?  Am I the family figure, head of household, decision maker, lover, fighter?  The list never ends.  Well simply put, yes I am all of those things rolled into one. But not one of those things defines who I really am. I am ME!

I'm a 40 something guy who loves to live his life.  I want to make others happy, but also knows I need to be happy first.  I will share more about me soon.   So this website will be an outlet for the things I have learned on my journey into the cuckolding lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the ride and all it's ups and downs just as much as I do.  

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