Chapter 1

Julie smirked to herself as she pushed the lock closed hearing the delightful little click. She knew that sound oh so well. Her husband knew that sound as well. It meant she was in total control. It meant he was her submissive husband and under her control. Julie  stood up slowly looking at the lock on his cock cage and smiled. Well honey, if you are a good little boy, maybe you can please me later. She always loved to tease him with her words. Knowing that he would be very eager to please her and he would always be on his best behavior.

Jack's cock even though it was just average still strained against the cage filling it up. She picked a smaller cage for him to wear today as she had plans for him and that cock. His large balls were pinned tightly against the cage and she had to resist the urge to slap them as should loved to do. His torture was her pleasure. Her pleasure was his pleasure.

Well come on now dear she said, get dressed, we have places to go and people to see. Jack was the typical husband and father, middle aged but not in terrible health. With a little work, he would have a great dad bod that all the women seemed to love in their men. That was something Julie loved about him the most. Even in his forties, he was still very attractive to her. Jack looked down at his locked up cock and knew that he was all hers and he wouldn't want it any other way. He loved being the submissive husband. He loved to know that it wasn't his cock, his body and sometimes his mind, it was all Julies.

He quickly got dressed and followed to her large closet full of rows of hanging clothes and shoes. Julie looked at all her outfits and asked, well honey what should I wear today. This was always a trick question for Jack to answer. Not knowing the plan for the day, he had to help pick out an outfit and hope he picked correctly. The problem was that with his cage on, he was in a constant state of arousal. So he walked to the back of the closet to find what he knew would look very attractive and sexy on her. He thumbed through a few shirts and stopped at the red top. This was always a favorite of his. When she wore it, her breast seemed to look larger than normal. Her figure seemed to perfectly hug the sides of the top and just a little bit of her stomach would show if she moved the right way. He had picked this top for her before, but he knew that they both liked it very much. He then went over to the row of drawers lining the back of the closet. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a matching red thong. He felt the soft material between his fingers as he picked them up.

The thought of her in just her red thong was enough to make his dick strain against the cage. He didn't care, it was all part of the excitement. He closed the drawer and went into the next one down. Hmm he thought. Shorts of jeans. Not knowing the plan for the day made this a hard choice. It was going to be hot out today, so he was thinking shorts. But at the last second, he shut the drawer and opened the bottom drawer. This one had Julie's skirts and workout clothes. Julie was puzzled a little as Jack barely ever went to that drawer. He pulled out a skirt that by many people's standards would be just a little to short and that excited Jack. It even excited Julie. 

Chapter 2

Julie put on the red top, which hugged her curves perfectly. She then slowly bent down and slid up the red thong as Jack watched with delight. She then took the short skirt and held it up in front of her waist. Hmm she purred, you think this will look good on me? Jack just opened his mouth wide and pretended to let some drool out. Of course it will look good on you my love, everything looks good on you. Her beautiful long blonde hair hung over her shoulders and curled around her neck and on to the red top. Julie then slowly slide the skirt up and over her tight ass. The skirt was at least 8 inches above her knee and left barely anything to the imagination of anyone who would see her in it. She walked over to the 6 foot standing mirror and thought about how sexy she looked. She could see so much of her flawless skin and the light hit her perfectly. She could see her erect nipples poking at the material as Jack did not get her a bra today. Was that on purpose? Did he Jack have some kind of plan of his own?

After applying her make-up and directing him to get dressed, she decided it was time to go out and have some fun. The first stop was to small shops along the city walk. This was one of her favorite spots to shop as it offered everything a person could ask for. The smell of the bakery and coffee shop filled the air the moment they opened the door the car. Julie looked down the block and was happy to see so many people out and about today. She could see people going into the bakery, the book store and to the handful of salons along the street. None of these were her desired store today. She wanted to head down the street to her favorite store, Summer Breeze.

Summer Breeze was one of the few shops that stood out on the strip. It wasn't like any of the others. This was a high end lingerie store. As they walked up to the front of the store, all the two could notice was the beautiful mannequins dressed in silk and lace. Julie looked back at Jack with a little smile on her face. Jack knew this could be a very expensive trip once they were inside. They pushed the door open and instantly the girl behind the register said in a playful tone, welcome back Mrs. W. I am sure you will like the new items we just got in stock. Julie smiled and said she would be happy to see them in just a little bit. The two took a stroll around the store looking and touching the soft articles of clothing. Julie then took a few items and walked to the front of the store near the big window that showcased the mannequins. She looked outside and say a group of young men, maybe in their early twenties sitting on the bench outside the store.

They young men were engrossed in their own conversations until one of them just happened to look up at the shop window. At first he didn't think anything of it, he had seen the store many times as he went to the bakery or coffee shop. The models in the window were just that, models. They didn't do anything for him or his friends. But after a closer look, he saw the woman standing there looking at them or maybe at something behind them, he wasn't sure. As he continued to watch her, he noticed that she was holding the lingerie up to her body and doing a live model showing. He quickly nudged his buddies and all of them looked up to watch.

Julie was excited to see the response from the young men. She had noticed them when they walked in and was hoping they would still be there after she found a few items. Jack was standing off to the side at this point, waiting to hear if she needed something else or a different color maybe. But he did see that she was making a little show for the men in the front window. His cock started to strain against his cage as it was also a show that he could watch as well. Julie put each item in front of her body and occasionally would rub the fabric against her clothed body. Especially across her erect nipples. The men on the street couldn't, no they wouldn't take their eyes off of her. They wondered how this show would end. Then Julie dropped a pair of the silk panties and Jack started to head over to pick them up for her. She gave him a look and said, no honey I will get them. She turned with her back to the window and bent slowly at her waist to pick up the panties. She thought to herself, the grand finale. The view from the street was glorious. The men took it all in as they saw her bent over and the skirt sliding up slowly across her round ass. The men could see each ass check and the small fabric from her thong between her legs. All jaws dropped outside of the store. Julie looked up at Jack and smiled, do you think they like the show honey? Julie stood up straight, flattened out the skirt and proceeded to do a little more shopping and look at the new items with the sales girl.

Chapter 3

Well Jack was right, the lingerie store was a costly but productive trip. A little over $300 in new items. Jack didn't care at all. While the young men outside got a show through the window, Julie took Jack to the private dressing room to give him a show of all of her purchases. It was bittersweet for Jack as his cock strained in his cage while she dressed and undressed each time. Just like at the window, Julie made it a point to give a little show. Even caressing her body and making her little cooing sounds of pleasure as the fabric slide past her erect nipples and very sensitive clit. Jack was always amazed with his wife. Her beauty and strength always seemed to shine from her, no matter how much or how little she was wearing.

Julie slipped back into her clothes as Jack walked up to the sales girl and paid for all of the items. She gave him a smile and placed all the items in the bag. Just as she finished putting in the last item, Julie walked up to the counter, said thank you and with a smile, said we will be back next week to see the new items.

As they walked to the front of the store and out on to the street, they both noticed that the young men had all left, except for the muscular looking blonde. He must have told his friends to go on without him as he must have wanted just one more look. Julie looked directly at the young man, gave him a smile and twirled her hips just a little extra so her skirt would rise up as she turned to walk towards the car. The young man then noticed Jack walking behind her, seeing the ring on both of their fingers, he made a little huffing noise, shrugged his shoulders and ran to catch up with his friends.

Julie couldn't help but smirk just a little to know that she still has it. That she can still tease and flirt with other men besides her husband. That her beauty is enough to control the cocks of all the men around her. Julie looked at Jack and said, do you think he wanted a little more of a show honey? Maybe he thought I was going to go and ask for his number or something. Or do you think he wanted to take me to the restroom and have his way with me? I did notice a bulge in his pants during my little show. I bet he wanted to have me suck his cock like some little tinder date. I bet he wanted to take me bent over the sink, skirt slide up and his rock hard cock pumping into my wet pussy. I wonder if he would have wanted to cum in my pussy. I bet he would have, but that would have been so messy as it would have been running down my thighs as I walked. Maybe he would have fucked me and then spun me around to swallow his hot load. Well, he is a silly little man, no tinder date would ever be able to shop in that store. But I wonder if he now has something to jerk off to later. I wonder if he will tell his friends he fucked me and used my body as he wanted. The thought of all this, did make Julie's pussy just a little wet. Nearly the same reaction was going on for Jack as he could feel his cock strain and the first few drops of precum started to dribble out.

Chapter 4

With the thought of the young man still on both of their minds, they walked back towards the car to head to their next stop. Julie gave Jack a few directions and off they went. Jack quickly realized where they were heading as they have made this trip several times before and he made the last turn and headed down the long paved road. The smell of grapes on the vine was such a powerful smell as it entered the car. God's Grace Vineyard was always a great place to travel for the two of them. So many happy memories flooded their minds, from the first tour of the vineyard, to the tasting of the many wines, but the memory that stood out the most was their first time an alpha male came into their marriage.

He was 6 foot 3 and seemed to have muscles on top of muscles. Definitely not the normal type of guy Julie would check out or even be interested in. With her 5 foot 3 frame she really didn't care for really tall guys, but this guy just seemed to have something about him. A swagger to him, but not the cocky type that a guy like that would usually give off. He had waited until Jack excused himself and head to the restroom when he walked over to the table and sat in Jack's chair.

Julie looked up and at first thought, maybe he was a worker here, maybe the manager coming to check on them. He was very polite and introduced himself as Nate. Julie smiled and told her name to him. He took her hand a gave it a small kiss on the top. They continued some small talk and drank a small glass of wine. Jack had just finished up in the bathroom and was making his way back towards the table when he saw probably the most attractive fit man sitting with his wife. Confusion entered his mind, but he dismissed it quickly thinking that the manager had stopped by the table to check on them. They had already spent a lot of money on their top wines, so of course they would want to see if we were happy.

He came back to the table and Julie looked up at him. Jack this is Nate, Nate this is Jack. Jack thought to himself, just Jack, not this is my husband Jack. But again he dismissed it as the wine was starting to take its effect on him. Jack reached out and shook Nate's hand. Jack pulled up another chair and sat down to the right of his wife, while Nate was directly across from her. They all conversed for a short time and Nate said that he doesn't work here, but comes here often.

He came back to the table and Julie looked up at him. Jack this is Nate, Nate this is Jack. Jack thought to himself, just Jack, not this is my husband Jack. But again he dismissed it as the wine was starting to take its effect on him. Jack reached out and shook Nate's hand. Jack pulled up another chair and sat down to the right of his wife, while Nate was directly across from her.  They all conversed for a short time and Nate said that he doesn't work here, but comes here often.

He mentioned that he had seen us before and thought we looked like a nice couple. After a little more small talk, Nate straightened up and said to the couple. I'm going to be honest with you. Your wife is they sexiest thing that I have ever seen. Jack sat back and was about to speak, but Nate continued. I couldn't take my eyes off of her ever since the two of you walked in. But don't get me wrong, every guy in here hasn't been able to stop looking at her. Julie took a quick look around the room and noticed that he was right. Once her eyes locked with any other man in the room, they quickly turned away. She was surprised to see even the men with their spouses couldn't help but look at her. She blushed slightly and then turned back to Nate. At this point Jack again was about to speak up, but just like before, Nate continued to talk.

So let me get right to the point. I think you are very attractive and I want to fuck you. I want to take you into the bathroom right now, pull up your dress and take you from behind. I want to put my 9 inch cock in your tight pussy. My hands all over those amazing tits of yours, pulling you back on to my cock until I spin you around and cum into your mouth. You will clean me up and then you will come back out to Jack and finish your day here. I am not going to take no for an answer. At this point, Julie was very confused, her mind was screaming what the fuck, how could this guy be saying all of this to me, but her body was reacting very differently. She could feel the wetness between her legs. Jack finally spoke up and all he could say was excuse me who do you think you are? Nate looked at Jack and said, by the looks of that small lump in your pants and the way your wife is slowly panting, I am exactly who you need me to be.

I am the man who can make both of your fantasies fulfilled. So what do you say Julie, Men's room or Women's? Jack stood up and tried to hide his painful erection locked in his cage that had formed from the story being set in front of him. Julie followed suit and stood up. They walked over to the register leaving Nate at the table by himself. He grabbed his glass of wine, gave them both a wink and sipped the glass. Jack paid their tab and they both headed to the car. Oh the nerve of some people Jack said out loud. Julie in low voice, oh yeah, the nerve of some people.

Chapter 5

As Jack and Julie drove away from the vineyard, they couldn't stop thinking about Nate and how he just pushed himself into their lives. They didn't ask for him to come to the table. To talk with them and even openly flirt with Julie. What made them so special? Was it the beauty that seemed to come naturally from Julie? Her small 5'3" body, curvy in all the right spots. Was it her nice and perky tits that almost always seemed to show the right amount of cleavage? I mean, yes she was hot and very sexy and of course men almost noticed her when she walked into a room. But never before had a man openly reacted the way Nate did. So all they could think was why them?

Jack looked at Julie in the car and for a few seconds sat there speechless. Then he asked, did you hear what he said as we left the table? Julie responded that she heard something, but wasn't quite sure what it was. Jack said, it sounded like he said be a good luck. What does that even mean? Be a good luck, he said again puzzled. Julie picked up her phone and put the phrase in her search bar. After a few minutes of scrolling through the search items, she said, did he say be a good cuck? Jack now more puzzled than ever, said be a good cuck out loud to himself. Be a good cuck, be a good cuck, yeah maybe that it what he said. But I have no idea what that even means to be honest.

Julie smiled for a brief second then tried to hide it. She then said, well according to the search results, a cuck is a husband that allows his wife to fuck other guys with his consent. There is so much information here and um videos. Julie couldn't put her phone down as she looked through the files and webpages in front of her. Jack rode home silently thinking about why he would say that to him. Why would I be a good cuck? I love my wife, I love our life together. Why would I even think about sharing her with another man? Why would she even want to be with another man? As he was saying those thoughts in his mind, he looked over at Julie and could see that she was glued to a video of a man and a woman having sex.

Odd he thought, she doesn't watch porn without me. Then the camera panned out and he say a middle age man sitting in the corner watching the two have sex. Which wasn't all that weird except for he was wearing some kind of metal device on his penis. The rest of the night seemed to be back to normal, dinner at home a few drinks and even a couple jokes about Nate. But basically back to normal. They got into bed and Jack was off to sleep. But Julie tossed and turned thinking about the search results, the videos and then her mind raced to what Nate had said to her. To both of them.

She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She shut the door behind her. She looked into the mirror and thought, this is crazy am I really turned on by this? I love Jack. But Nate made me so wet. The power and excitement by just his words. What he was going to do to me. As she was thinking, her hand slowly was caressing her very wet pussy. She touched her clit and circled it slowly. She then reached into the toy drawer and pulled out a large suction cup dildo. It was a nice tan color, lifelike and she thought, it had to be about 9 inches, just like Nate said he was.

Her mind started racing again. She took the dildo to her lips and started sucking getting drool all over it. She knew she didn't need it as her pussy was nearly dripping from her touching herself just moments ago. She took the dildo out and placed it on the wall across from the mirror. Just like Nate said, I would be facing the mirror as he took me from behind. She lined up the dildo and pushed herself on to it in one quick motion. She felt the large dildo nearly split her in half, but thought that is just how Nate would have done it. He wasn't going to be gentle. He said he was going to fuck her. Not make love to her. He was going to fuck her right there in the bathroom. She picked up her pace taking all 9 inches into her eager pussy. The stretching and the feel of it going deeper into her was exactly what she thought Nate would feel like in her. It was deeper than Jack had even gone. She was now on the edge of orgasm as she bucked her hips faster and harder. She let out a loud moan of passion and pleasure. As she climaxed she screamed out Nate don't stop. Fuck me harder.

As she screamed this out she looked up into the mirror and for a brief second, she thought she could see Nate behind her grabbing her hips and pulling her even harder on to his cock. She pulled away and remembered he said she would swallow his cum. She spun, knelt on the ground and took the glistening cock into her mouth. Sucking as hard as she could. She wanted to swallows the juices, she wanted to please his cock. Julie feeling pleased with her performance, stood up and walked into the large shower. The water felt good on her sensitive skin. The thoughts of being fucked kept replaying in her mind. She couldn't help but smile, even if she felt a little guilty at what helped her to climax.

The thought of another man's cock in her. Deeper than her husband could ever go. Stretching her further than she has even been stretched. The feeling of being fucked. Not the feeling of making love. But for the first time, she thought about being fucked. She got out of the shower and dried herself off. She felt like she was floating as she got back into bed. She looked over at Jack still sleeping and kissed him on the cheek. I love you and I am all yours she said to him as she cuddled close to him and drifted off to the best night of sleep in her life.

Chapter 6

Julie woke up the next day full of energy and rushed downstairs to give Jack a great big hug and kiss. This caught Jack off guard as Julie was not what you would call a morning person. Jack kissed her back and asked what got into her all of a sudden. Julie’s mind raced back to last night in the bathroom and a giggle slipped out. Oh nothing, just I love you. I was thinking I want to play a game with you. I think you will really like it. You know how you always said you wanted me to be more dominate in the bedroom. Well I think I have a good place to start. Jack couldn't help but smile at her. Oh this is going to be fun he thought.

Come into the bedroom honey, I have something for you. But once you walk in, you need to be naked and I am not taking no for an answer. Julie rushed upstairs to the bedroom to get prepared. This was not like Julie at all. Julie wasn't this dominate and spontaneous woman. Yes she loved sex and she was passionate and romantic, but this new side of her, Jack couldn't help but wonder what really got into her. Jack slowly undressed from his pajamas and walked up the stairs. As he entered the room, he was naked as commanded and could see Julie sitting on the edge of the bed. Ok honey, I want you to do as I say and follow all of my instructions. I want you to kneel on the floor and crawl over to me. I want your eyes on the floor the entire time.

Jack knelt down and started crawling to her feet making sure to not look up at all. Once he got to her feet, she commanded him to stop, but keep his eyes down. Very good my love. Now I want you to kiss the top of my feet and tell me you love me. Jack placed a small kiss on the top of each foot, still looking down, he said to her, I love you. Very good, now please stand up in front of me. Jack slowly stood in front of her not sure if he was to keep looking down or to look into her beautiful bluish green eyes. He decided to look down. Ok honey, here comes the fun part. We are going to play a game. I am the mistress and you are my servant, my slave as you might say. You will do as I command at all times and you will do everything you can to please me. Your body is mine to do with as I please. Do you understand? If you understand, say yes mistress. Jack repeated the words, yes Mistress out loud. Very good my slave. Now hands behind your back.

Jack placed both hands behind his back just like in the porns that they had watched. But in those videos it was always the girl following directions. Ok now I am going to touch you, this might be a little cold, but I know you will like it. Julie reached down and with a lubed hand started to rub Jack's crotch focusing on his balls. Jack let out a little sigh, not sure if that was allowed or not, but he couldn't help it. Julie then reached around with her other hand and placed something cold up to his sack. Jack looked down to see something metal in her hand and thought she got a new toy. Then she grabbed his sack and pulled forward quickly. Jack couldn't help but squirm as the pain filled his genitals. Shit came from his lips, but he stood there not wanting to add more pain to the situation.

Julie then pulled and pushed on his sack and focused on one testicle at a time. The pain had gone away, but the fear she might do it again was still there. He felt the first testicle slide forward and she then worked on the other. Ok he thought to himself, some kind of fancy cock and nut ring. Nothing out of the norm for that. All the porn stars wore those. Then she grabbed his slightly erect cock and slide it into the ring as well. Next she grabbed his cock and gave it a little kiss on the head. She reached back on to the bed and grabbed another piece. Jack was confused now as he looked at the shiny piece of metal that was being slide over his cock and squishing him tight into what looked like a cage of some sort. Julie pressed the two pieces of metal together and then like magic took a lock and clicked them together.

Ok honey what is this? Julie looked at him and said, this is a cock cage. You agreed that your body is mine. That means your cock is mine. Your erections are mine. Your cum is mine. You will stay locked up as long as I like. You will be released on occasion for cleaning and our usual sex. But until you release that my pleasure is all that matters, you will stay locked up. You know this makes me very happy right? You want me to be happy don't you? Of course I do my love. I am happy to do this for you. I will do anything for you. Well then, if you will do anything for me, get back on your knees and eat my pussy. Jack fell to his knees and do as she said.

Chapter 7

As they pulled up to the vineyard, they both looked at each other and smiled. Julie still had occasional thoughts about Nate and that fateful day that started them into the life of chastity and cuckold fantasy. Jack on the other hand thought about the alpha male and how it made him feel. It was a feeling of humiliation, but also the urge to please his wife and Nate. The feeling that he would do anything to make his wife happy. He loved her with all of his heart and knew he pleased her in all areas. But ever since that day and the dominate side that had come out of her, he knew that there was something more that she needed and couldn't give to her. He loved being her slave and to serve her. He loved that his body was hers to control. Deep down, he knew that being locked up was a good thing and he had learned that his cock was not the only way to really pleasure his wife.

Parking the car, they both got out and walked up the stone sidewalk. They could hear a band playing in the distance and both were excited as they haven't danced in a very long time. Julie knew she would need a few drinks to get her out on the dance floor, while Jack was never one to shy away from making a fool of himself when trying to dance. They walked through the door way and saw an empty table by the window looking over the rows and rows of grapes. This place always seemed to make them happy and feel connected with each other.

The wine that day seemed to be what they needed. Feeling relaxed and the conversation coming easy, they started to look around and see if they had any friends also visiting the vineyard. Jack was the first to notice, he looked towards the bar and there he was. Nate sitting there looking all dressed up and sexy as hell. Jack couldn't believe that he was actually thinking that this man was sexy. Jack knew that Nate was probably the most attractive guy in the room and he knew Nate knew that as well. Julie followed Jack's gaze and saw Nate as well. She didn't say a word, but took another big swig of her wine.

Nate had noticed the two of them walk in, how could he not? Julie turned the heads of everyone as she walked in. But this time Nate didn't say a word to them, he didn't approach them with some macho comment like I knew you couldn't stay away from me or some other bullshit like that. He just sat there enjoying the music and his glass of wine. After finishing his wine, he stood up and started walking towards the two of them. Both of their hearts started beating quickly, what was he going to do and say this time. Julie felt a rush flow through her body. Jack felt his cock start to strain in his cage.

But this time Nate walked right past them. He did smile and give a wink, but that was it. He walked to the table next to them and started talking to the female sitting there. She was a beautiful woman maybe in her early 40s. Her perfectly tanned skin and blond hair helped to frame her breasts so that you couldn't help but not look at them. Nate was talking to her just as he did with Julie that day. Then the woman's husband walked back to the table. They continued small talk, both Jack and Julie tried to listen in, but the music was making that impossible. Jack could see that Nate must have just told the man what he wanted to do to his wife, as the man was very flushed in the face. While the wife had to reposition herself in her seat.

Moments later, the woman stood up. Jack thought, ha rejected again. He really isn't good at this game of his. But the husband just sat there. Nate reached out and took the wife's hand and they headed towards the back of the room. Both Julie and Jack looked at the sign as Nate and the woman walked under it. RESTROOMS. Holy shit, was this man going to just let his wife get fucked by this stranger? Julie felt a rush flow through her body again, just like the night she imagined Nate in the bathroom with the dildo. Jack just imagined what was going through the mind of this man sitting next to them. His face wasn't as red anymore, but he did notice that his hand was slowly rubbing at his crotch. Was the man jerking himself off with the thought of his wife being fucked by a stranger? I mean Jack and Julie had watched a few porns that dealt with cuckold and realized the videos had turned them both on, but they have never imagined that in real life this would excite anyone.

Ten minutes later, the wife had returned back to the table with her husband. Her hair was not as perfect as it was before. Her dress seemed a little more twisted on her body. But her smile and the fire in her eyes was all that the husband had noticed. She kissed him deeply and even reached down to touch his cock. She whispered into his ear and then kissed him one more time. Nate followed behind her to the table and also said something to the husband. He flushed red again, but said nothing. Julie and Jack both felt left out of this little game. They didn't need to say it to each other, they both just knew they wanted it to be them. Did they ruin that chance? Had they offended Nate when he offered his services to Julie? Julie just knew that she wanted to feel like that woman who was just fucked in the bathroom. Jack knew that he wanted to hear about it from both of them. Then Nate stood up from the table and started to head back towards the bar. As he walked past the table, he stopped and said well I am glad you guys came back. Isn't the band really good today? Again he didn't wait for either to respond. He just reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. Jack realized quickly it was a business card. Nate set it on the table and said have a great rest of your day.

Both Jack and Julie looked at the card sitting face down on the table next to their drinks. Jack waited to see which one would grab the card first. Julie gave him a nod and he reached for the card. Flipping it over, his first thoughts were that this was a very well made business card. The kind that Jack often seen from his clients and travels to other businesses. Then he looked at the words on the card. Nate Powers was displayed in large font across the card. Underneath it had the usual contact information, but then Jack noticed in the right hand corner of the card, it had a picture of a bull and in the left was the male and female sign connected with another symbol Jack didn't know what it was. The female sign with the plus under the circle was easy to identify along with the male circle with the arrow pointing out. But the third circle had the arrow curving down. He showed Julie and neither had even seen that before. Julie took that card and placed it in her small purse. Looking at Jack, she said with a smile, you never know when we might need this. Both laughed and sipped their wine.

Chapter 8

Finishing up at the vineyard, Jack and Julie made their way back to the car. To the beach Julie said and Jack started the car and off they went. The car ride seemed to take a very long time and the DJ on the radio wasn't helping at all. Jack thought, I can't believe that they call this music now a days. Julie sat quietly with her hand just inside her purse holding the business card and wondering what it felt like to be that wife in the bathroom. She could feel her pussy starting to get wet.

Jack turned into the parking lot of the beach and looked over to Julie. Julie looked at him and gave him a passionate kiss. They both small talked about the day and the events before getting out of the car and heading down to the shoreline. The sun was just over the horizon and it would be dark shortly. The two always loved sharing the sunset whenever they could. It seemed to make them feel more connected when they sat there just staring off into the distance. Holding hands they walked along the shore until the passed the last beachgoers of the day.

The sun had finally set and there was very little moonlight to be seen. Just enough reflection to see each other and that they were well past anyone else on the beach. Julie looked at Jack and gave him that smile. The off went her top, dress and panties. She stood there completely naked and said, well what are you waiting for? Jack stripped down and stood there completely naked except for his cock cage. She took his hand and pulled him into the water. For it being the middle of summer, the water still had a chill to it. Jack thought oh god, what if this things falls off of me from the shrinkage?

That idea was quickly put out of his mind as Julie swam up to him and started caressing his balls. Giving them a playful tug and twist. Despite the cold water, his erection strained against the cage. He reached down and started finger fucking Julie. She moaned loudly and arched her body back pressing harder into his fingers. Jack thought, oh my God, she might break my finger. I can't go any deeper. But she rocked back and forth not caring about any discomfort Jack might be feeling. She orgasmed in the moonlight and kissed him another deep passionate kiss. Her tongue swirling around in his mouth and his mouth was taking it all in.

The two broke from their kiss and started heading back to shore. As they got close, they noticed a couple sitting on the beach near their pile of clothes. They both froze for a second and looked at the couple. The couple on the shore didn't hesitate and said come on out we won't bite. We were going to join you for a swim, but didn't want to be rude. The woman said it sure looked and sounded like you were having a good time out there. Jack didn't move as Julie started to walk towards the couple. He didn't know what to do, let his wife go up there alone or walk up with her and let them see his cock cage. What would they think? Julie looked at him, gave a quick snap of her fingers and said come on now, let's not be rude.

Jack caught up to Julie at the water’s edge and the couple introduced themselves as Jeff and Amy. They were a good looking couple, a little bit older than Jack and Julie, but you could tell they were a happy couple. Both Jeff and Amy looked down at Jack and saw the cock cage at the same time. Jack didn't know what to say, this was the first time anyone besides Julie had ever seen him in it. Amy laughed and said look honey, he is just like you. Show them honey. Jeff slid his shorts down to reveal his own cock caged up. Jack felt a huge relief, that they wouldn't judge him as a freak. Then both Jeff and Amy looked at Julie and said how beautiful she was. Julie said thank you and complimented Amy on keeping her man all locked up.

Once they were all dressed, they sat and talked like they had known each other for years. The guys tried to be macho and talk man stuff, but they kept getting distracted by the conversation the girls were having. They could hear words like cock cage, cuckold, dick size and so much more. Then Julie started talking about the vineyard and their experience there. Amy sat up straight and before Julie could say anymore, she said, oh do you know Nate then?

Chapter 9

Julie looked at Amy in shock and awe. Julie took a quick glance at the guys before asking quietly, did you do anything with him? Amy shot back quickly, well not at first, but I just couldn’t resist him. There was something about him. He was much different than Jeff. He was like a man in a room full of men when he came up to our table to talk. The way he just talked to me as if he knew what was going to happen next was so exciting.

Amy described how Nate set himself apart as the alpha male in the room. That he just seemed to have a power over the women in the room. How at first, she was just physically attracted to his body. Julie thought, yes he was drop dead sexy to herself. Amy described nearly the exact same conversation that Nate had shared with them in the vineyard.

They both laughed at thinking back how cheesy his lines really were. But how smooth they really came out, it made them a little sexually charged up. They both said that they left the vineyard in disgust at what was said to them, but they couldn’t stop running it through their minds. Julie admitted that she masturbated to the idea and story of Nate taking her in the restroom.

Julie paused for a few seconds before saying what was really on her mind. So, um, before she could even say what she was dying to say, Amy said with a huge smile. YES! Well let me tell you this, at first I said no to Nate. But he gave us his card and Jeff and I started to talk. We found that the idea of another man, a man as sexy and powerful as Nate turned us both on. So we returned to the vineyard and he was there.

This time we approached him. We wanted to hear him out without judgement. To see if he was just all talk and did this for his own amusement. We talked and shared a bottle of wine with him. Nate was very open with us. He told us about his job and hobbies and Amy was really impressed that he was really a decent guy. Amy seemed to be more and more in awe of Nate as she talked about him. Then she finally said it again. YES!

So you don’t think less of me, I didn’t have sex with him at the vineyard. I’m not that kind of girl she said with a smile. It was actually a long time before I did have sex with him. After our visits to the vineyard, we stayed in touch with Nate. He kind of became friends with us. Jeff, even though the thought of this man wanting to fuck his wife, was actually delighted because he saw this power come from within me. This sexual creature that was lying dormant inside of me. To Jeff’s surprise, he was really nice to him, like a best friend. Nate really knew how to make us both feel special.

It was really about a month later that we met Nate for the first time outside of the vineyard. We met for drinks at a bar not far from our home. I really thought things would be awkward because, well you know, he wanted to fuck me. Both Jeff and I knew he wanted to fuck me. But oddly enough, it wasn’t strange at all. When we walked into the bar, Nate was already there sitting in a booth towards the back. He stood up and gave me a small kiss on the cheek and told me how sexy I looked. I’m sure I blushed and I could see that Jeff had turned a little red as well. At first I didn’t know if Jeff was red with anger, but then I noticed something. I noticed that Jeff was smiling from ear to ear.

Nate placed his hand on my hip and guided me to the seat and then sat down right next to me. Jeff took his spot directly across from us so he could take it all in. Nate ordered a round of drinks for the table and all three of us started chatting like we were all old friends. The only thing that was weird, was that I felt like I was on a date with Nate and not my husband. Jeff was there, but all I could see and hear was Nate. His voice just kept drawing me into him. It didn’t matter if he was talking to me or to Jeff, I just couldn’t stop being drawn in. Then it happened.

Nate reached under the table and placed his strong hand on my thigh. My instincts were to push his hand away. Tell him no, but my body didn’t want him to stop touching. I noticed that the closer he got to my pussy, the more my pussy got wet. I’m glad that I had worn panties that night, as I am sure I would have left a puddle on the seat. Then like a bolt of lightning, he rubbed my pussy over the top of my skirt. I’m sure he could feel the heat coming from my pussy. He then leaned closer to me and told me to go into the bathroom and take off my panties. He told me to bring them back to the table and give them to Jeff. He wanted me to let Jeff know exactly how turned he was making me.

Did you do it Julie asked? Of course I did, Amy said. I’m not going to lie, I was putty in this man’s hands. I got up and went to the bathroom, took off my panties and took them back to Jeff. I placed them right on the table for him to see. Once Jeff realized what was on the table in front of him, he grabbed them and quickly put them in his pocket. Which I noticed as he stood up, he was hard as a rock. I have no idea if it was giving him my panties or something that Nate said to him while I was gone, but Jeff was excited. I was excited.

We had some more drinks, but Nate said we need to remain level headed with our drinking. He said it was a rule of his that no one would get drunk. He wanted everyone to be able to make good decisions. So we all had a glass of water to help us out. It was strange though, the entire time we were at the table, I never even noticed that there was a band playing. Not until Nate grabbed my hand and said let’s dance. We got up and headed to the dance floor, leaving Jeff alone at the table. I don’t think Jeff wanted to get up as I could still see the outline of his dick in his pants.

After a little dancing and heavy flirting on the dance floor we returned back to the booth to a very happy Jeff to say the least.  I went to him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek and told him, I am having a really good time.  Are you ok with all of this?  Jeff shot her a quick glance and said of course I am, I really love seeing you with him.  Do the two of you want to go somewhere else, Jeff asked.  She smiled and said, I am ready to go back to the hotel room.  Did you get the room ready like Nate told you to asked Amy.

Chapter 10

Amy asked Julie, do you want me to keep going? Julie shot back quickly, Hell yeah I do, this is hot. Ok then, we all headed back to the car. I figured the men would ride in the front and I would sit in the back. So, I got into the backseat of the car and started to shut the door, when Nate's hand grabbed on to the top of the frame. He said it wouldn't be any fun if I had to sit in the back all alone. Jeff shut the door behind him and got into the driver's seat.

Nate gave Jeff a smile and said, take the long way back to the hotel if you would. Jeff nodded and started to drive. Nate wasted no time, and his hands were on me again. He felt my legs, my breasts and then he touched my pussy again. The feeling every time he touched me was like a shock of electricity. My entire body was on fire. I wanted this man and I know he wanted me. But I also wanted Jeff to have to watch this man take me. To fuck me like he said he would.

Nate only took his hands off of me for a few seconds to adjust himself. He started kissing me, he started at my neck. Then moved up to my ears, down my cheek and finally our mouths met. I kissed him with this primal need from deep inside of me. It wasn't that I wanted to just kiss him. I wanted to please him, to make him know I wanted him deep inside of me.

As we passed under a streetlight, I could see that my kisses were really doing something for him. I could see the outline of his massive erect dick in his pants. I reached down and started to rub it, I wanted to feel what was going to fuck me in just a short time from now. But I didn't stop there, I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His dick just kind of sprung out as he wasn't wearing any boxers. I knew I had to taste it. I wanted him in my mouth right there in the backseat of the car while my husband was driving.

So, I leaned over and started licking the base of his cock. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip. He wasn't lying, he was definitely 9 inches long and he is thick. I kind of had a hard time putting him in my mouth. Jeff isn't anything close to his size. I started sucking his dick and I didn't care if anyone could see, I didn't care if Jeff could see. All I know was I wanted this man, no I needed this man.

Nate took my chin in his hands and lifted me up off of his cock. He then kissed me again and asked if I liked sucking his cock. He made sure to say it loud enough Jeff would hear. I told him I wanted him in my mouth again, I wanted to taste him. I wanted to swallow his cum. He told me not quite yet, we have the entire night ahead of us.

Jeff pulled up to the hotel valet, put the car in park and got out. He opened the door for the two. As they got out, he handed the keys to the valet attendant and the three headed to the lobby. Jeff walked behind the two of us, I am not sure if he was told to by Nate or if he just wanted to see us together. We walked through the lobby and then to the elevators.

As we all got into the elevators, I just couldn't keep my hands off of Nate. I grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss, our tongues pushed into each other's mouths. I could see Jeff in the reflection, and he was just silent, smiling at the picture in front of him. The doors opened and we walked down the hallway to our room.

Jeff opened the door and Nate and I walked in ahead of him. Nate looked around the room and then said to Jeff, you did a good job getting everything exactly the way I asked. As promised, I will let you have your reward at the end. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but I really didn't care. I just wanted to be fucked.

Julie spoke up, so what was the room like, I mean what did he have Jeff do that was so special? Amy just smiled and said, well some things you will just have to find out for yourself. I mean if you give Nate a chance like we did.

Amy continued, well I think that you are dying to know more, but I think you should have the experience and make your own memories with Nate. Julie stood there quiet for a few seconds. She then told her about that night in the bathroom while she pleased herself on her dildo. Thinking about Nate and how he could make her feel, how she wanted him and how she couldn't stop thinking about him.

Amy said, well if you want my advice, go for it. Have Jack reach out to him. You still have his card, right? But first, talk with your husband. See if he is ok with all of this. I mean, if he isn't, don't go wrecking your marriage over him. But if he is on board, let the guys talk and see where it all goes. You just might be surprised.

The two women chatted for a little bit longer, exchanged information and then looked at their husbands who were having their own conversation.  Well boys, it is getting late, I think it is time to go home.  The men shook hands and Jack said thank you for all the information, it is a lot to process, but I think I got it.  They all hugged and went their separate ways.  Julie looked at Jack and said, I really like Amy.  We might just be really good friends.  What did the two of you talk about?  What information did he give you?  Jack just smiled and said only time will tell.

Chapter 11

While the women were talking on the beach that night, so were the two men.  Jack was just taking it all in as Jeff shared his experience with Nate.  Some of the conversation made Jack question why would Jeff let his wife sleep with this stranger.  Then other times during the talking, Jack realized that he was straining hard against his cock cage.  His mind was conflicted to say the least.

Once all four of them had said good bye and Julie started to ask questions about what they were saying, Jack just shrugged it off as guy stuff.  Julie knew that wasn't all of it and didn't think she should push further or even to share what Amy was telling her about Nate.  Julie thought it might make him upset or hurt his feelings that she was thinking about another man sexually.  

Jack had other plans that he wasn't ready to share with Julie, well at least not yet.  The two arrived at home and Julie unlocked Jack so they could have some time to play.  Jack thought it was his lucky night, while Julie was thinking in about Nate and how she wanted to have the same experiences that Amy had.  They had sex as they usually do, but immediately after, Julie locked Jack back up and gave him a little kiss and fell asleep quickly.

As Julie drifted off to sleep, Jack knew it was time to start his plan.  He slipped out of bed and went downstairs.  He opened up his wife's purse and there it is was.  The card that Nate had given them.  He grabbed his phone, paused for a moment, then started to text.  My name is Jack and my wife is Julie.  We all met at the Vineyard a little while ago.  

He paused even longer, what was he doing?  Was he really going to send out a text to another man about his wife?  Was he really going to ask him if he was serious about all the things he had said to her?  He knew he was serious.  He was just told all about it on the beach from Jeff.  He knew that Nate meant exactly what he said.  He wasn't some playboy that was all talk, he was a man of action. 

Jack still looking at what he was about to send paused just a little longer.  Then he added to the text, I would really like to talk with you more about pleasing my wife.  Reading it one more time, his brain said to delete it, but his straining cock in its cage said hit the send button you idiot.  His thumb lifted and then landed on the send button.  There was no going back now.  All he could do is wait.  He snuck back into bed and wondered what tomorrow will bring.

Chapter 12

Jack woke up the next morning and quickly reached for his phone.  He was nervous, anxious and excited to see what Nate replied with.  As he pulled up his messages, he was let down to see that there wasn't a reply to his night time messages.  

Jack couldn't stop thinking about why Nate didn't respond.  He knew he wasn't all talk, especially after his conversation with Jeff.  He pulled up his messages again and slightly relieved, he noticed that Nate hadn't read them yet.  Jack felt pretty dumb, he did send the messages really late at night and he was sure Nate was a man who liked to enjoy his bed.

Jack went in to the bathroom, sat down to pee, which he realized was the best way to do it while being locked in chastity.  He washed up and headed back to the bedroom, gave Julie a kiss on the cheek and went downstairs to make breakfast.  He put the coffee on, started cooking an egg and put the toast down.  He decided he was going to bring Julie breakfast in bed.

Just as he plated everything and was about to head upstairs with breakfast, he felt the slight vibration in his pajama pocket.  Almost dropping everything to get his phone out, he opened up to see one new message.  He knew he didn't want to let the food get cold and he didn't want to seem overly eager to respond, he put the phone back in his pocket and went upstairs.

He placed the breakfast on the small tray next to the bed, gave her one more kiss and excused himself.  I'm going to go and clean up the kitchen he said.  Julie smiled and said have fun as she stretched.  Jack quickly left the room, almost skipping as he left.  He realized that he never checked who the text was from and he was going to pissed at whoever sent him a text on the weekend.  His work knew better.

As he walked into the kitchen, he pulled out his phone and unlocked it.  He opened up his text message and noticed it was from an unknown contact.  He clicked on it and realized that he never put Nate's information into his phone, he only had the card.  To his delight, it was Nate.  He simply responded, what took you so long?

For the rest of the day, Jack was texting back and forth with Nate.  They discussed many things and to his surprise, it had very little to do with sex.  Nate was actually trying to get to know him.  Jeff was right, Nate was actually a good guy.  Oddly enough, Jack was starting to like this guy.  Even if he knew that his final intentions would be to sleep with his wife.  

Nate texted back and they really started making a plan.  Nate told Jack to meet him for a drink this week.  Jack asked at the Vineyard?  LOL was Nate's reply.  No pick a bar, we are men.  Jack told him Tuesday would work the best.  Great Nate replied, 8:00pm see you there.

Chapter 13

Jack thought to himself, Tuesday couldn't get here fast enough.  Jack continued to text Nate to see what he could do and what his role would be, but Nate just told him that they will discuss the finer details in person.  Jack knew that it would be better to discuss things like that in person, but he was still just a little but nervous.

Jack woke up that Tuesday morning and looked over at his beautiful wife.  He couldn't help but smile thinking about the power and change he had seen in her these past few months.  She transformed from the typical housewife into this powerfully sexy woman who knows what she wants and then goes and gets it.  Jack was nearly always locked up in his chastity cage and he loved every minute of it. He thought only of her and how he could please her in every way possible.  With that thinking, he knew that spending time with Nate would only please her even more.  

The day went on like normal.  Jack went to work, came home, had dinner with Julie and then spent time rubbing her feet and legs.  He had told her over the weekend that he had to go out Tuesday night, which wasn't anything out of the norm.  Usually it was just drinks with buddies or a client.  So, she kissed him and told him to have fun.

Jack got into the car and drove downtown to Clark's on Main.  This bar had enough space that there wouldn't be any trouble finding a spot to talk.  Almost always had a great band playing and the drinks were always top shelf.  Jack knew he might need a few drinks during their talk.

Jack walked into the bar and instantly saw Nate standing near the bar.  He wondered is he doing his thing right now?  There were a few ladies around him and they seemed to be talking.  But right as Nate saw Jack, he told the ladies thank you for your company, but my friend has arrived.  The ladies seemed slightly let down, but returned to their drinks.

Nate walked over to Jack and placed his hand on his shoulder.  I honestly thought you were not going to take me up on this.  You two quit coming to the Vineyard and I was losing hope.  What really made you change your mind?

Jack then went into talking about meeting Jeff and Amy on the beach that one night.  He went into detail about what Jeff was saying and how Jeff really helped him change his mind about him.  At first, I was kind of disgusted that you would talk to women that way.  I thought it was cheesy and well, just gross.  But, I saw the way it went over with Julie.  I could see deep down she liked it.  Which then for some reason, turned me on as well.  I just didn't understand any of it at the time.  

Nate and Jack talked for hours, not only about setting up soemthing with Julie, but all sorts of things.  The two really seemed to click and that really helped ease Jack.  He felt that he was building a real friendship with him.

Nate went into telling of past flings with couples and what he had learned over the years.  He talked about the joy he got from this and how the couples grew stronger in their relationships.  Jack was amazed at how many other couples actually do this.  It made him feel normal.  

As the night was ending, Jack and Nate agreed that this weekend would be a perfect time for all three to meet up and see what happens.  He told Jack to be honest with Julie.  Tell her that they met tonight to discuss this.  He wanted Jack to tell her in great detail how he wants this to happen.  How he wants to see her being pleasured by Nate.  That he wants her to be happy.  As they parted ways, Jack headed towards the door and Nate went right back to the bar.  He looked over at Jack and said, the night is still young and so are these ladies.