Feb. 14, 2022

Where I come from 2-2-22

Well naturally in the beginning. I am the third of three children. My parents divorced before I even can recall them ever being together. I lived with my mom and two brothers in the same town that I still live in. My older brothers were hit harder by the divorce and that lead to some really rough times growing up. They both turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy. I spent many hours in AA type meetings for family members of drug and alcohol dependent people. Saw many rehab places as we visited my oldest. My middle brother(we will call him J)was more pulled along for the ride from the oldest(we will call him M), but he vowed I would not follow their path. He protected me in many ways from going down his path. I look back now and feel that he knew he failed in life and there was no way he would let me. He did protect me as best he could and I am thankful for that. I should probably let him know that more often. He still struggles with his past. The oldest is still in the drug and alcohol cycle but is currently sober and doing his best. 

Early childhood was the typical small town life. Ride your bikes all over town, get enough friends and play some kind of sport. Usually football. Played youth sports and then participated in football, wrestling and track in high school. I was not your typical jock. I didn't miss a day of school from the time I entered the 7th grade until I graduated. I think I did this more to please my mom more than just wanting to go to school. I wasn't the smartest person by any means but I did finish top male in my class. There were ten girls above me but I'm still proud of it. 

I had the typical boyfriend/ girlfriend experiences during my junior high years and into my sophomore year. I had sex for the first time at age 15. It was an odd experience as J was home with his friends. He gave me a bottle of flavored lube, the cheap kind you get from Spencer's back in the day. Used it but definitely was not a fan. I tried oral on her for the first time. No idea what I was doing but oh well at least I tried. We had sex and a few more times after that but that relationship didn't last. 

Thinking about J, I learned the limited things about sex from him. He always had what I would consider the slutty girlfriends. Now there is nothing wrong with being a slut. I saw my first set of beautiful full breast from her. It was a summer morning and I was maybe 13 or 14 at the time. I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. The kitchen window had a view of the hot tub. I look out the window and she is seated near the edge of the tub naked and exposed, back arched a little and eyes closed. My brother was nowhere to be seen. So of course I had to get a good look. Seconds later J comes out from under the water. I realize after the fact he was performing oral on her. Other ways J shared his knowledge was by leaving out his VHS porn videos. I watched a few but it never really was my thing at the time. I don't think I was ready to watch adults have sex. 

In 11th grade I met my long term girlfriend and a group of my friends and hers all hung out for a while. I was the only one to keep dating after high school. During that time of dating, we did have a few threesomes with my best friend. Mostly vanilla as I would have sex with her and she would suck his dick. He never fucked her but it was a fun experience. She was only my second person to have sex with. We continued dating with just a few break ups along the way. I really wish I could have seen the red flags but young and dumb. 

On one of our break ups after I graduated high school I met a woman over an online global chat. Now keep in mind at this time the internet was not nearly what it is today. We chatted for a very long time. She was in her 40's and I was 18. The attention I was getting was amazing. I found out she was married and had a child. Then I found out her husband was perfectly fine with her taking to me. We had many phone conversations as well where we masturbated together. This was with the old landline phones, thank goodness we had a 30 foot phone cord. We ended up meeting at a local beach, swam a little and made out a lot. I'm sure we got looks because of the age gap but I didn't care. We left the beach and hit a hotel and had an afternoon of great sex. She was the first person to put a finger in my butt. We parted ways after the sex but stayed in touch. Her husband was going to fly down and pick me up to live with them for the summer but that never worked out. 

I went back with my girlfriend and we attended college together. Everything was pretty good but man I still wish I saw those red flags. She spoiled me and her parents spoiled me. We ended up getting married which J still beats me up about to this day. We graduated and tried to have kids. Naturally wasn't working so fertility drugs and doctors appointments were the norm for about six months. We ended up having twin boys and that is the only bright spot in that marriage. We divorced early on as we couldn't live together and neither of us were happy. 

Sidenote: She did remarry but he left her for almost exactly the same reasons I did. Plus I'm sure it didn't help that she didn't take his last name, kept my last name and she still has our wedding picture hanging up for all to see as you enter her front door. 

I'm going to pause her and pick up again later as I'm sure this was a lot to soak in. Next time I will discuss the wild phase in more depth.