Feb. 14, 2022

Getting out there 2-4-22

Well this stage of my life starts the get out and explore phase. My marriage ended and I found myself alone, so I leaned on family to get by. But that wasn’t enough. I had lost all my friends while being married and set out to make new ones. During my search, I found myself dating a little bit in the beginning, which was not a good move as I wasn’t ready and it was definitely a relationship of really good times and really bad times. Though I did start making some really good friends because of the relationship. It ended nearly as fast as it had started, but I was ok with that. So my new friends opened up a world that I was protected from earlier in life and I found alcohol and pot as a new hobby. I didn’t drink all the time or smoke all the time, just at parties or get together with friends.

During this phase of my life, I started having a lot of fun just getting to be me. I still had only had sex with three people in my life and never really learned how to date, go to bars and flirt or just do what guys would normally do in their early to mid-20. But I was determined to have some fun. So that is what I did. I hung out with friends on the weekends and we drank mostly and I learned how to just relax and be myself. I am not sure if I was ever my true self before this time.

So my first one night stand was a thing. I was hanging out with my cousin and her man at a bar which then lead to going to a house party afterwards. I was a rookie for sure, but liquid courage has its perks for sure. I was just chatting it up with everyone at the party and had just sat down on the couch for a bit. There was a beautiful young lady sitting next to me and we started talking. Well before I knew it we had left to go upstairs to be alone. I had never gone down this path before, so I really had no clue what I was doing. My mind was racing, is this a wham bam thank you mam kind of thing? Do I try and give her the best sex ever? Quickie? I really had no clue. But before I knew it, my dick was in her mouth and it was game on. I didn’t go down on her as she never offered, but I did use my fingers to help the situation out. We had sex, I am sure it wasn’t the best. Afterwards was the odd part, I didn’t know what to do. Every other partner was after sex we cuddled and held each other. So was that part of all of this? We did hold each other for a little bit and then went back downstairs to join the party.

My cousin and her boyfriend moved in to my house during this time which opened up another circle of friends to be with. One group liked to have house parties, while the other liked to hit up the bars. Both had their perks and I enjoyed having the options. I also reconnected with some old high school friends, but they wanted to play match maker and I wasn’t looking for that at all.

In all, I had one more one night stand during this time. I was at a bar with my friends and I started talking to the bartender. She was very attractive and a few years younger than I was. We did hit it off pretty well, but the kicker was my friends set me up. They found out she wanted to take me home with her, so they left me at the bar. At first I was pissed, but she just told me she would take me home. Well she took me home, but not to my house. She took me to her house and we had a great night of sex. But afterwards, I was kind of trapped at her house, so I was there until the morning. Which was fine, but the feeling of not being able to get out when you wanted was different for sure. We had breakfast and she took my back to my house. I could tell she was interested in more, but I had to pass.

The same friends that left me at the bar also decided one night we were going to hit up a strip club in town. I had been to a strip club a few times in my life so I thought hell yeah I am in. We stopped at a local bar first for drinks and then off the three of us went. It was the typical strip club, women of all shapes and sizes as well as many different talent levels. We watched the ladies on stage and had a few boobies for bucks mini dances while we were there. But as it normally happens, one of the girls comes and sits down with you and tries to get you to do a lap dance. I took her up on it. I mean, I was horny from everything so why not. She took me to the back dark area and started her dance, grinding on my and doing her best. I sat like a good boy with my arms on the chair. Then the weirdest thing happened. She took my hand and placed it on the outside fabric of her thong. My mind was racing, was this a trick, is some huge bouncer going to kick my ass for touching the girl? Well she then slide over her tiny piece of cloth and had me bring her to orgasm with my fingers. That was really exciting as there were others around, but they were not paying attention to us. The dance ended and she had to go on stage. She wanted me to hang out all night, but there was no way that was going to happen. So my friends and I left. I have not returned to a strip club since. But it was a good memory.

Those random encounters really did help me out in the long run. It made me feel sexy and wanted again. I hadn’t had sex since the divorce and my on again off again partner. It was really nice to feel wanted. So I set out on a path to get my ass in shape and get back in the dating scene. Which I found could be just as wild as my party days.