Feb. 14, 2022

The dating scene2 -7-22

The dating scene was something very new and foreign to me. The last time I really did the dating thing was years ago and back in high school. Other than that, I was with someone and there wasn’t a need for it. But now I am in my mid 20’s, single, getting back in shape and my confidence has been growing all this time. So I did the first thing I thought of to get myself out there, speed dating.

Now speed dating, I am not even sure if that is a thing anymore, was a chance to meet a bunch of strangers, talk for 15 minutes and then move on to the next. Afterwards, you filled out who you thought was a match for you. Well let’s just say, my matches didn’t line up with the matches that liked me. I was definitely ok with that though. It helped me to develop as a person in a very low pressure environment and also being at a bar, the drinks were pretty good. So speed dating was a bust, so I moved on to the next big thing at the time and tried dating sites.

I put my best foot forward and jumped right in. This time there was a lot more matches and I started making connections right away. I talked with a lot of very promising females during this time, had a couple dates here and there and things seemed to be really good for once. So during this time of dating and just living, I had dates that we dressed up for museum openings, dates that took me to church outings, nature hikes and sex in a pool during the day. Each of these events just prepared me for what was coming next. A friend with benefits.

We had talked through the dating site for a bit and decided to meet and hang out. It was great to start making new friends and also have the ability to have sex whenever we wanted. I would often stay at her place and we did all the things friends would do. She eventually met a new boyfriend and we stopped the benefits part, but for a little while, we kept the friendship going. But that something that rarely last when the new boyfriend finds out about your past. At this point, was about the time I met the new love of my life and future wife.

But that is for another day.