Feb. 14, 2022

Getting Serious 2-10-22

We had house parties, went bar hopping and wild nights that seemed to never end. During many of these times, I noticed this kind of shy but very beautiful woman, we will call her B. She was a blast from the past. We had gone to the same high school, she was just a freshman when I was a senior. She hadn’t changed much at all, her flawless skin, sexy smile and eyes that you could get lost in for days just seemed to stick with me at all times.

The previous few years of having fun and getting to live my life and explore who I really am as a person, was such valuable experience. I was able to be free and wild and make so many friends which helped prepare me for the next stage of my life, a serious relationship. The summer was winding down but the parties and hanging out with friends was ramping up.

Fall hit and it was her birthday party at one of the local bars. A huge group of us went out to celebrate and drink the night away. Prior to the party, we had talked, but that was about it. No flirting with her as another friend was trying to win her over and I respected that.

So the birthday night at the bar was going really well and I had a little liquid courage and was getting my flirt on. My friend was hitting on the mom and I was hitting on the daughter, it was interesting for sure, but the friend always had a thing for older women. I ended up getting her number, but never did anything with it.

As the drinks were flowing and the music was thumping, the night was starting to come to an end. I was sitting at the table, when B came back to the table a round of tequila was waiting for her and all of us. She hit a few shots, which is really funny now looking back as B hates tequila. After her shots, she walked over to where I was sitting and told me to get out of her seat. I didn’t and she just sat in my lap. The fire was lit in both of us but things still needed to play out with the other guy.

We continued dating and I had a lot more chances to do things right. Another one of the dates that stick out to me was the time we went to a Brad Paisley concert. It sticks out to me for a few reasons. The first was that Taylor Swift was there and at the time she was the new girl on the scene and only had a few good songs. The second was that it was my first time in my life that I felt a female’s breast that were enhanced. B actually encouraged it. Found out later that night, the couple were swingers, but we didn’t do anything with them. The night ended with some bar hopping and great memories. Shortly after, we decide to move in with each other.

Well things progressed really fast for the two of us and we were dating before I even knew what was going on. On our first date, we went to a hibachi style restaurant, miniature golfing and a movie. Well I found out after the fact, those were all things she didn’t really care for. Actually she hated the restaurant and movie. Somehow my charm or something, maybe she was desperate, worked for her.