Feb. 21, 2022

Let's talk about cuckolding

So now as promised, I am finally to the stage we are in now with our marriage. We have played with kinks, listened to podcasts, read books, joined groups on social media and I even joined twitter. Every one of these steps keep leading us to this idea of cuckolding. Remember as I first said, we have only been discussing this new lifestyle for a year now and we know we have so much more to learn.

Well when the talk first started a year ago, I had asked if she wanted to sleep with other guys and her response was to cry and feel shame. We both felt shame at that time. So much of our life wasn't focused on each other. Well now a year has gone by and we communicate our feelings and wants so much better now. We are babystepping the process and B is in total control at each step. This may have been my idea, but she is the driver in all of this. She determines the speed we will go. I am 100% fine with that.

I do want to go into why I would like this lifestyle though for a little bit. I see myself as a person of pleasure. I mean that I do things in my life that bring me pleasure as much as I can. From the friends I see to the activities I do with my family. Even writing this brings me pleasure. But I also get pleasure from the people around me getting pleasure. Happiness is contagious for me. With that being said, I know that i physically have limitations that could hinder the full pleasure that B could have in her life. I am average in many ways. I am above average in many ways as well. But sexually, I know I have limitations.

I feel that B deserves all the pleasure this world can offer her. I don't get jealous when we need to bring in a sex toy to help get her to that orgasm. I don't feel let down when she teases me and then rolls over and goes to bed leaving me wanting more. I feel loved more than ever. I feel so secure in my marriage because of the love and trust we have for each other. I feel that if another man enters into our marriage, I will see that as the most loving thing I can do for my wife. Now like I said we are babystepping this process and we have not had another person enter into our lives as of yet, but in time it will happen.

I do want to recognize some of those powerful babysteps that we have taken along this journey. First was just opening up to each other and sharing our true wants and desires. WIthout building the communication piece, none of this would ever have taken place. The next was sharing our pictures with the world to see. Building us both up was instrumental in the process. We then started the kinks above and still play with some of them today. We have made so many friends who have similar journeys as well as drastically different journeys from us, but finding a community that understands you is amazing. We have also bought sex toys. We have bought cock sleeves that helped B realize that she could take much larger cocks if she wanted to. It was an area of concern at first. Then I discovered the Mon app. This was such a powerful piece to us moving forward. I was able to listen to people of all experience levels share their stories. To open up and really let their souls out to a group of people. I then took the step and hosted a room of my own.

This was the turning point for me in all of this. I just started talking. I opened up my mind and shared my experience like I am doing here. Twenty plus people stayed in my room for an hour asking questions and learning from me as I learned from them. Then something big happened. People started reaching out to me. They talked about how their story was nearly identical to mine. They were so happy to hear someone else just like them. Not the experienced couples in the lifestyle. I was being filled with pleasure as I helped guide and listen to so many other people trying to navigate their way just like me.

So a few days later, I did another Mon chat, but this time B joined in with me. This is huge. This was something she would have never done in a million years. But there she was. Talking with me, sharing with people and now she was making friends in the lifestyle as well. Her confidence just started taking off.

This pretty much catches us up to where we are today, so now I will add more to the blogs as we babystep more into this lifestyle. Some things that I look forward to is B flirting with guys, online dating sites, Fetlife, Twitter, finding Mr. Right, our first meet and greet and finally our first play date. I will keep you posted.