Apr. 18, 2022

Patience is key

One thing in my life that I have learned in life is that patience always pays off. This has been the case this past week. We quickly had to adjust to being back to normal life after our vacation and even quicker realized that we are busier than ever. Kids have started sports; work stress has ramped up and my wife and I were seeing less and less of each other due to the busy schedule. 

The one thing that we did to help both of us, was that we never stopped talking. When we were feeling stress, we relived our vacation and that helped to brighten the day. We didn’t really focus on lifestyle talk and I think we were both fine with that. But B did take a big step and signed up for Twitter, with a little help from me. She can be found @wifeofdub if you wish to follow her. 

Towards the end of the week though, we started to think about our anniversary and our next vacation. This time we wanted to get away, just the two of us. I reached out to many of my Twitter friends and Podcasts to find out the best adult only resorts. I was sold from the start, how could you not like an adults only, clothing optional resort in the beauty of Cancun or any other tropical destination? Well, B wasn’t sold with the idea at first. That would be huge step for us, but this wasn’t going to be anytime soon as our anniversary is towards the end of the year. 

B started to do her research into one of the resorts we had discussed. We talked about Desire in Cancun. The information that she saw from nearly every person who left a review was about the service staff and activities. She was surprised that the staff was being called out by name for their amazing service they provided. She did admit, that it could be something that she would be interested in after seeing how much fun the other couples had during their stays.

So, now at this point we started to talk about lifestyle things a little bit more and what steps we think we were ready to take next. Life seems to have a way of hearing you. With all the Snakes and Flakes we have had before (if you haven’t read that blog, please do), B and I got a message on Twitter from one of our followers. He messaged me to ask if I was ok for him to message B. I wished him good luck and he messaged her. 

B is still trying to figure out Twitter, so I showed her the basics of followers and how to follow others. I then showed her that she had a message waiting for her. Now there isn’t a ton to share at this point, but I will share that things seem to be going well. There is a lot of normal chatting going back and forth, with an occasional flirting session from him. I will give him a lot of credit, he hasn’t sent any inappropriate pictures and has kept his flirting friendly and clean. He is willing to go at her speed which I respect. I will update even more as we all discover each other more.

For me, I will say that right now I am still pretty calm about all of this. I see this as a big step for her and I appreciate all that B is doing. We communicate after each message back and forth between the two. I’m not feeling any angst, but a lot of excitement about what could come of all of this. Our patience is starting to pay off, but we are both cautious as we go forward. Wish us luck and check back for more updates in the future.