Apr. 24, 2022

It's Been 1 Week Since,

So, it has been one week since we started talking with our potential friend in the lifestyle. I just wanted to let everyone in on our progress. To see where we are learning, growing and reflecting as we move forward.

The basics Monday to Thursday: For the most part the conversations have been more of the feeling each other out during the first half of the week. Kind of what do you do, what do you like, hobbies and things like that, the vanilla stuff. Very expected from my wife, because if she doesn't feel like there is a connection, then there will no need to move forward. The connection seems to be building and the messaging is increasing. There are times that she had me check the conversation to make sure things make sense and she is asking the right questions. I think this is a way to keep me involved.

Not so basic, Friday and the weekend: Both of them worked from home on Friday, so chatting was a little more rapid fire from the two of them. It was still for the most part friendly, but there was some more flirting, and a few sexual innuendos thrown in. The getting to know each other personally phase seemed to be ending and the let's talk about sex stage really started to kick in over the weekend.

Things I have noticed: At first it was more of a me topping from the bottom kind of thing. Twitter was a new app for her, and it really wasn't on her things to check on her phone each night. So, I kind of helped to check in for her and if there was a message, I would hand it over to her. If she was going to reply, it was assigned for me to type what she said up and send it over to him. Now as the progress has been made and the habit of checking Twitter was created, I no longer have to top from the bottom. She just does it on her own. I did notice that in the early days of last week, it seemed more like a chore for her. It was something that she wasn't really sure about. It was a big baby step for us. Since then, her attitude towards opening Twitter and checking is now a fun experience. I notice that when she does get a message, she opens it with a smile. Many times I get a response from her saying "I don't even know how to respond to this, or he just made me blush". She is now responding on her own and often matching his energy with an energy even higher. Which includes sexual jokes and references that really get both of their motors going.

The great thing that is going on, is that we haven't stopped communicating with each other. We are working harder than ever to reassure each other of our love. Now during our talks, she has expressed a few concerns that she is having. The first one is of jealousy. She doesn't understand why I would want this and why am I not jealous about this. I've never been a jealous person. I want people to be happy. I want her to be happy. The past relationships she has had were all with men who would easily be classified as the jealous type. The next thing that she wanted to know was if we did go through with this, would I then want something in return. The you got to play, so now I get to play mindset. I have always told her that she is all I will ever want in my life. I am happy with her and all that she gives to me. I will not want another woman in my life when it comes to sex and relationships. She knows this is the case, but it's easy to think this way.

So, to wrap this update of the last week up. The messages have increased in the coming and going. Messages have turned into pictures of each other. Messages have also turned into voice messages back to each other. The good night and good morning kind, which she always seems to throw in her sexy voice for. He has asked if she would call him, but she hasn't yet. B has started to do some of her own research on good questions to ask him to get a better all-around feel of him and the lifestyle. This has led her to finding Reddit. She is pretty intrigued by Reddit and said that it really makes Twitter look pretty tame. She even showed me a lot of the interesting things that she found on there.

My overall feelings: So how am I doing? I think I am doing pretty well with all of this. I like that she is seeing that she is very sexy and desired. I like that she is building a connection with this guy because it is up to her and nothing I want to force. I'm not feeling any jealousy or angsty kind of feelings as of yet. It might be different as they exchange more and more pictures that go from vanilla to sexy. I might feel it a little more as they start to really talk to each other on the phone. But this guy has also included me in all of this and that is what we all wanted. Now it is time to just discover how far and how fast we all go. I will keep you updated on how things progress next week.

Just remember as you move forward, keep talking with each other. Go at the slowest person's pace. Know both of your goals in this. Love each other and trust each other. Again, this isn't a race, and you are not competing against anyone else. This is just for the two of you to discover. Enjoy the ride. Thank you for reading and if you ever have questions for me, please contact me on Twitter or the contact page on here.