May. 1, 2022

1 becomes 2

It's amazing how much things can change in just one week. Actually, it didn't even take a full week for things to change from last week's update.

So, as I was writing last week's blog, B was sitting on the couch texting Mr. O. The texting is a common occurrence for the two of them. I get to take a peek at them throughout the day. Most of them are still the getting to know each other with their texting, but every once in a while, things do get a little bit sexual. I had just submitted the blog on to the page, when B turned to me and said, he wants to talk on the phone.

She looked at me and said I think I am going to call him, is that ok? I told her it isn't up to me to decide that, if you are ready for it, then I'm all for it. The kids went up to bed, B looked up at me and admitted that she was nervous but started to dial. Something amazing happened instantly as Mr. O answered the phone and she started to talk. Her voice went from the one I hear every single day, to this low, soft but very sexy tone. In this sexy tone, I could hear here say, is Mr. O there? They continued to talk for what felt like 30 minutes, but I am really not sure how long it was. I just sat there and listened to one side of the conversation. What was amazing to see from my view was my wife glowing as she talked to this man for the first time ever. Her confidence grew with each passing minute. They hung up with each and we talked about the conversation a little bit and then went off to bed.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same for the two of them. They would text each other good morning and things like that. Then continue texting throughout the day. B would leave work and call me as she usually does, but most of our calls would end early due to kids sporting events. I was at them, and she was rushing to get to them. But what I did find out after she got to me, was that once we stopped talking, the two of them would start talking on the phone. I really don't have much information on what they talked about.

The really big thing that happened was on Tuesday. The day was pretty much the same as what I just described, but at night, Mr. O must have been feeling a little dominate. He was having a very sexy discussion with B nearly all night. It ended with her saying that we were heading to shower. He told her that he wanted a video of her in the shower. But he also wanted me to record the video and then have her turn around and give her a little slap on her ass. We did the video for him, and I am sure that he went to bed a happy man.

There have been a few videos sent from him to her as well. Most of them were showing off his BBC. All B could think after seeing the videos was what am I getting myself into. This guy is huge, thick and 9 inches long. So, now a lot of their conversations revolve around what might happen when they meet. I am not really included in these conversations, but I can read them after if I want to.

Thursday was another huge day for the two of them. After I talked with B, she started to talk on the phone with him. The phone conversation then turned into a Facetime video. For B, she was still driving so her camera was not on her, but his camera was definitely on him. Their conversation must have been pretty sexy as he started to please himself for her on the camera. He wanted a release, but B had to go so she watch our daughter's game.

The rest of the week and weekend seemed to be more and more texting, pictures and a few phone calls. I just wonder what steps they will take in the next week.

Communication time: We all know that communication is the only way that this will ever take place. So, we do a daily and nightly check in with each other. That is where she tells me about the major things that happened between the two of them. As of now, both of us are holding up just fine. I am having little or no angst at all during this courtship phase that they are having. B on the other hand, has really started to love this attention. She loves that the moment that I can't be with her or talk to her, she has Mr. O to talk to.

Mr. O and I are two very different people. He has a much more dominant side to him. We both have a way with words, but he can get her to say things that she wouldn't say to me. Other times we are saying the same things to her, like you are sexy and beautiful. But coming from me, it's more like, you have to say that you are my husband. But coming from him, it is so much more powerful and sexy.

Mr. O has found a way to bring out her slutty side. B admits that all of this is making her very horny all the time. She constantly wants me touching her, not sexually, but just touching her. We have been having a lot of great sex as well. During the sex, most of it is talking about what Mr. O has said to her. What he is going to do to her. How he will dominate her in the bedroom. This always leads to some very hot sex between the two of us.

As we move along, I know that we need to make sure all three of us are on the same page. That we know what we all want to get out of this. We are looking for someone patient and understanding of our busy lives. Someone who knows when this all happens, it will take a lot of deep connection. He needs to know that at least for the beginning of all of this, I will be there with my wife. From the meet and greets to getting hot and heavy under the sheets. I don't need to play a huge role in the bedroom scene. I'm just there to be her security blanket. What I would like out of this is a guy who at times I can talk to. Kind of a guide to help him know what turns her on, what she likes and doesn't like. Not tell him how to do any of this, but just give him some friendly advice. We will see if he accepts this, he says he does, but then there will be times that we don't interact for a while.

Well that pretty much wraps up this past week. We will just have to see how far they take it with each other next week. For all of you following along, thank you so much. Those who have giving me feedback, I really do appreciate it. Have a great week my friends.