May. 9, 2022

I Call Bullshit!

As I sit down with my leftover oriental and prepare to write this blog, so many things are going through my head. There are so many feelings going through my mind that I will get out today and those of you who have been following along on this journey with us, I hope I don't disappoint you as I feel that my wife and I have been disappointed.

So here it goes:

The past week was at the start a continuation of everything I have shared in the past two weeks. They would text, call and share pictures and videos back and forth. Most of the time I am next to B as she is doing all of those things. Everything seemed to be very normal, except for a few little things that we started to notice. First, Mr. O has been very demanding of her time and not really hearing her when she spoke to him. A prime example of this would be, when she is at work, she is at work. She doesn't have time to respond to your texts and there is no way in Hell that she can answer the phone and talk to you. We made this very clear early on that we are very busy people.

Second, even though Mr. O has showed that he wants to be a dominate in the bedroom and B was ok with most of it, there was still a lot of things he wasn't listening to her about. Example: Mr. O kept telling her that she is going to do as he says and if she doesn't do those things, then there will be a punishment. He told her repeatedly that the punishment would be her gagging on his BBC. She told him many times that she doesn't want to do that, and it is not something at all she is interested in. It was in one ear and out the other with him. Every time that she tells him no, he would complain that she wasn't answering him correctly, that means she didn't answer with a Sir like he wanted. We also talked about not meeting at our house or his house, but he really says that is where he wants to meet.

Third, Mr. O has started being very demanding with her. Like I need you to get on Facetime with me right now. I need you to watch me masturbate and cum. More about this in a bit. So, Mr. O has been much more demanding of her time, even when he knows that she wasn't able to talk or text. He still needed her attention, but it really started to feel that she was just becoming his kink dispenser. Every time that he talked to her, he would need to get a release or talk about needing one. Then after his release, it was all quiet again for many hours.

More about watching him masturbate. So, B had just gotten home from work and dinner was just about done and on the table. He messaged her and told her to go to the bathroom and turn on her facetime. He said no one would be talking, just watching him. I told her to just go and do it as he wasn't going to stop until she did. Instead of the bathroom, the two of us went upstairs to the bedroom. She switched on the phone camera and there was his BBC. He started stroking and within a minute he was shooting his load, then the screen went black. He got what he needed and ghosted us for the rest of the night.

The last thing that has stuck out to us this past week was the lack of transparency that we were getting from him. We would ask a simple question like where do you live? He wouldn't answer right away or answer that you didn't ask correctly. Then in the end, he wouldn't answer the question. The reason she asked him that question was that she started to notice details that were not adding up. While she was watching him jack off, she noticed that a clock in the background was an hour behind our time zone. His phone area code is from Mississippi. Which isn't a huge deal but made us wonder.

So, we decided to call BULLSHIT on all of this. We told him right away that there would only be honesty in everything we say and do. We feel that he is being to shady and not fully honest with us. My wife needs to have trust in the people around her and if you break that trust, she can like a light switch, shut it off and be done with you.

Now we are going to start over and learn from what we just journeyed through. We will take the lessons we have learned and apply them going forward. Yes, I did say we are moving forward. B didn't call it quits. She didn't say we gave it a go and now we are done. She just said we are going to do better next time.

So, for all of you who are following us just know that it is ok to fail. Things will not always work out. The biggest thing that we learned that don't hang on to a partner just because you are afraid you won't find another partner. You will. Keep learning and evolving. Remember to keep checking in with each other. Thanks for following our journey and have a great week.