May. 30, 2022

None, one, two, now three?

First off, thank you all for being patient with us as we needed a week off from the blog. We both needed to just hang on to each other as things seemed to be moving a million miles around us. We kind of just put things on the shelf in the lifestyle area. If you ever feel that things are moving too fast in any area, communicate with each and take a break if needed. The lifestyle will always be there for you. Ok back to our regularly scheduled program.

This is going to be broken into three parts to keep things clear as possible.

This past week, they did start talking more again. She really communicated well with him about what she was not liking and that she didn't feel that she was being heard in their conversations. She stated what her boundaries and hard limits were with him again and he seems for now at least to be on board. We will just have to see how this one progresses.

Mr. O - So, Mr. O if you remember was our first guy that we talked with. He was doing everything right, but then things didn't really add up. So, B took a break from him. She told him that she just needed a little time to figure things out and, in a bit, they could start talking in a little while. It was really nice that he respected her request.

Doc - So, the Doc conversations have been going extremely well in the past two weeks. He seems the most eager to communicate and listen to the both of us. He continues to be very knowledgeable about the lifestyle and there really have not been any red flags. It seemed that a meet and greet was going to happen really soon.

Then last weekend happened. Oh, talk about being ghosted. I mean this doctor was out like he was being hit with a malpractice suit. Not a word from him. We gave it a few days to make sure he was ok. He responded he was still very interested, but in his response, you could tell he was in a hurry as he had some typos. Which has never been the case before. So, the next day we reached out to him, and he had turned off his Kik messenger and wasn't responding to us on Fetlife. It really makes us wonder about him. I'm thinking he had really great intentions in all of this. He seemed very sincere, but our gut tells us, he must have had or has a girlfriend. I think he got caught. Well, his loss for sure.

Cowboy - So, Cowboy was out of all the guys definitely the quietest. We fully understand that he has a very busy work life. Using Kik was not a great way to communicate with him at all. The conversations may as well have been snail mail. With that said though, it was a good conversation. He is knowledgeable about the lifestyle as well.

We had to find a better way to communicate. So, the two of them found a better messaging system to use. This has helped the two out dramatically. Even though he is still busy, and messages aren't rapid fire, he still gets back to her. They are asking each other very direct questions, learning about hard limits and sexual desires. Even though B admits that she knows the least about this guy, he has piqued her interest. As of right now, we have a date set for next Friday to have drinks and meet.

So, I know you have all heard before that this lifestyle isn't the easiest. It takes a lot of communication with everyone involved. It takes honesty and patience. It takes having the power to clearly state your needs and desires. Then sticking to those and not accepting anything less.

Where will the next week take us? I really don't have an answer. Mr. O and Cowboy will still be talking to her. We will see if Cowboy opens up a little bit more, or will he come out of his shell when we meet Friday? Will Mr. O continue to listen and learn about what B wants? If he can do this, a meet in June will definitely take place. Only time will tell, but I am sure in next week's blog I will have a lot to go over. It may be my first experience with angst. It may be the first-time seeing B in all her slutty sexy power. Only time will tell on this journey, only time will tell.