Jun. 5, 2022


They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life seems to always be giving us lemons to deal with. Between guys who aren't really who they say they are, being ghosted, being treated as a kink dispenser and making plans that get canceled on us. All of those lemons can really make a couple really question the lifestyle. Is it worth the effort we are putting in? Do we keep working towards what we want in the lifestyle?

The answer for us is yes, we will continue to work to find Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right now. So, the Doc has ghosted us and then came back to send one message to us and then ghosted again. He is officially off of our radar. No house calls for that doctor. Mr. O has been as consistent as he always has been. Just seems to want to use her as a kink dispenser. She replies to him, but on her time and really doesn't care about his needs or wants. Cowboy was the one to cancel on us last Friday. We totally understand that he is extremely busy, and he has a life of his own. The nice thing is that he understands our busy life as well. He was called out of town for work, but he has really stepped up his communication game with B. So, there is still hopes of a meet up in the near future.

So, we are going to take those lemons and make some lemonade. We are using the free time we have to continue making our marriage even stronger. We know we have had some really stressful weeks. From our family pet having to be put down, kid's sports, work and now our daughter graduating from school we have not had many moments to be with each other. We spent the last week connecting with each other as much as we could.

So, not to much to really update on the journey we are on right now, but I am sure as we get less busy that will soon change. Thanks again for reading this week and sharing part of our lives with you. If you have questions please use the contact page to reach us. Or message me on Twitter @chastdub