Jun. 13, 2022

Bull in a China Shop

So, if there are bulls, want to be bulls or even guys just looking to get into the lifestyle, I have some personal advice for you.

Tip number one: Get educated on the lifestyle. It may be through groups of like-minded guys, couples and podcasts. Each of those have their advantages. But don't think you know it all and that you can't learn something new.

Tip number two: Don't be aggressive in the early stages. When you are first replying to a couple, feel them out before you go 0 to 100. Get to know what they want and are looking for. Yes, you have something very special to offer them. But if you are overly aggressive in your first messages, they are less likely to move forward with you.

Tip number three: Once you find out what they want and are expecting out of the relationship, be honest with them. Is it something you are wanting to do with them, or is it something that you are not willing to do. Each couple will have a list of wants and limits, listen to them and decide if it is for you. If it isn't then let them know.

Tip number four: Get to know each of them. Yes, the end goal is pleasing the wife. But the husband is going to be key in that pleasure she receives. He knows a lot of her likes and dislikes. He can be a great partner in getting you to please her. Yes, she may do many things with you that she would never do with him. So, getting to know the husband will really be a helpful in moving things along a lot faster.

Tip number five: Be honest. Wives are really good at finding reasons to not want to do something. Not being honest is one of those things they figure out really quickly. The emotional and mental connection needs to be there for any relationship to succeed.

Tip number six: You have so much to offer a couple. Take your time to know them both, learn limits and expectations.

Tip number seven: Be responsive when the female reaches out to you. Females may not always want to chat, but when they do, be timely in your responses. Bonus, avoid short answers and always work to engage with them.