Jun. 27, 2022

The Long Journey

I know I haven't posted much about our journey in the past few blogs, but there really hasn't been much to talk about. We have tried to stay patient and continue to learn as we go, but every time we think things are going well, things just happen. Sometimes it is on our end and other times it is on the play partner's side of things. It has been a frustrating past few weeks for sure but in this blog, I am going to stay positive and share some of the good things that have happened for us.

Outside of the lifestyle, our daughter graduated from high school and now starts to think about her next steps. She will be going to college, but for now she is staying home to help with costs. Work is still work, I said I will be positive, so not going into that area. Summer and the heat are here. Which is a good thing, because B loves this weather. If you follow us on Twitter, you will be able to catch a peak at what I am talking about. Those poolside pictures of B! (@chastdub)

In the lifestyle, we are continuing to learn as we go. We have had guys ghost us, kink dispense us and one who is sticking around, but he is at least in messaging, as exciting as a box of rocks. I get he is busy, but a few texts a day would really help build a connection. He has canceled a meet with us, we have canceled a meet with him. If things do work out and we all meet up, I hope he is better in person. He has to be right?

I have played around with some new dating and chatting sites. I dug a little deeper into SLS and a new one that I found called blacktowhite.net. It amazes me on how many people don't read profiles. My wife is really sticking to what she wants when it comes to the looks department. If you are under 6 foot tall, you will not be riding this ride. Yet, we still get guys reaching out to us.

So, I have taken a slightly different approach to things. I found a profile that seemed interesting. The thing that caught my eye, was that they were not just looking for sex, they were looking for others in the lifestyle. People that they can talk to and get to know. Ok, hit the brakes, I did say they are a couple. That is not on our radar at all. B is looking for single men. B is not bi. She says she doesn't want a married man because of the drama it could bring. I totally get that. But I am looking at it as making friends who we can just hang out with and have a deeper conversation about all thing's lifestyle with.

I have been upfront with them. I am not looking to play. His wife is not looking to play with another guy. Phew, that helps take a little pressure off. We are going to call him Bear. Bear has done the hotwife/cuckold thing before. His wife is ok with him playing alone. She is also ok, if she gets to play as well. We are scheduling to meet for drinks next weekend. So, that will be an interesting blog next time for sure.

With the past few weeks, I need to really look at things. I have seen my wife rise to her full sexy power when things were going well with the talks. I have seen her lose that confidence as the talks slowed and, in a few cases, stopped. I know that stress from work really steers her mind and soul. I am glad that through all of this, we never stopped talking. We never stopped building each other up. We continue to learn and grow from each other.

So, I just wanted to update all of you following along that yes things have been slow. There haven't been any hot things to talk about. But if you are also on this journey, please know that this is ok. There will be challenges. It might be finding the right guy. It might be getting time to play. It could be one of a million reasons that at this moment it doesn't work. Have faith in your partner. Talk, learn and grow. Because when everything does work out, you will need to be ready to take those next steps. Thanks again for following us on this journey and have a great week.