Jul. 4, 2022

Life is Good

So, this week has been an eventful one for sure. Earlier in the week, I was interviewed by the one and only Doc Chocolate for a future episode on his Podcast BULLS AND QUEENS. Along with my friend @poorlittlewhit1 from Twitter we talked about many things, but with a focus on expectations in the lifestyle. It was a really good opportunity to share what it is like for a newbie like me as I venture into the lifestyle with my wife. The episode should release in about a month or so, I will keep everyone posted.

Some of the expectations that we discussed were focused on the roles of the cuck. From my point of view, my expectations are quite simple. I do all the vetting when it comes to finding the right play partner. It hasn't always been an easy task as I have talked about before in my blogs, but as we communicate with the guys, I am getting much faster at weeding out the bad ones right away. Other expectations that I follow are from no masturbation, chastity if needed for behavior modification and to follow B as she travels the path of the FLR.

We also dove into a lot of other topics that I have blogged about already like being ghosted, where to find partners and kinks in the lifestyle. It was nice to share my voice in another way besides on the website here.

So, a few more things that happened this week that are not lifestyle related but I wanted to share out. B and I somehow lost our car keys and my wedding ring. We had no idea where we placed either thing. We basically turned the house and cars upside down looking for them with no luck. Actually, kind of just gave up for now.

That was until Friday. Friday was going to be a very important day for us. It was going to be our first meet and greet with another couple face to face. We set up to meet Bear and M later that night. So, we decided we were going to make an entire day of this and really just enjoy each other.

As we were getting ready for the day, B runs upstairs and says guess what I found? She found the car keys mixed in with some things we had bought a few weeks ago. The day was already starting out great. We decided that we were going to go into town and treat ourselves with pedicures and B also added in a manicure. So, as we were getting dressed, I reached over to put on some cologne. I pushed the top down and thought, man this lid is loose. I went to tighten it up and surprise, my ring was on the top of the bottle. So, now this day was really going well.

We left the house and just drove around town hitting a few stores and buying a few things here and there. Got to the beauty salon and just relaxed. Guys if your partner ever suggests getting a pedicure, take her up on it. It is such a wonderful feeling to be pampered every once in a while. I stopped at an alcohol store to buy a few things for the weekend and found a new alcohol that I am excited about. It is called Licor 43. I can't wait to explore it a little more. After that we did some grocery shopping and came back home.

Once we got back home, B took a nap, and I made a drink with the Licor 43. It turned out to be an amazing Vanilla Coke flavored drink. After B woke up, we started to get ready for our meet and greet. We were actually very calm and collected about meeting them.

We got in the car and off we went. The drive was about 30 minutes, we joked about what are we going to talk about. What happens if we get a bad vibe from them? How do we get out of this? Is it too late to turn around? Then we got a text from them saying that they were there and waiting for us.

We entered the wine bar and quickly spotted the two of them. As we walked to the table, they both stood up and Bear gave Brandie a hug and me a handshake. M also gave B a hug and awkward me really didn't know what to do, so it was one of those reach out for a handshake as the other was leaning in for a hug. We ended up hugging and all sat down. I ordered a Mai Tai and B had a Watermelon Cosmopolitan.

We all instantly started talking and things really just started flowing nicely. We shared stories about how we met our partners and about our lives. We talked about hobbies and so many other things. It was really comfortable and relaxing. Every once in a while, I would see Bear looking over at B and give her a wink.

At the end of the meet, we all got ready to go, Bear gave me a handshake and B another hug. We got in the car and heading home. Once we got home, it was kind of back to normal. Really didn't talk about the meet up as we just wanted to let it sink in.

Once we got to bed though, I think I was a little excited or we both were. We had some really good sex. B was getting in slut power mode! This is when she starts saying things that she would never normally say. She would say things like, you want to reconnect with my pussy after he is done with it. I'm going to make you clean me up after he cums inside of me. She said so many different things and it really seemed to get me really excited. At the end of our sex, I pulled out and shot my load nearly five feet over B's head.

We talked about the meet up the next morning as we took a walk around town. We do a lot of things in our lives with a pros and cons system. We could only find pros with this couple. So, now the ball is in their court. We will see if they want to continue talking with us and seeing what more comes out of this, or if we are not a good fit for them. So, I will keep you updated next week as we find out even more. Thanks again for checking out the blog and following our journey in the lifestyle.