Jul. 10, 2022

New Things

As I have said in the last post, we have started talking to Bear and M. The initial meet and greet went very well and we are now working on making connections and learning about what we all want out of this relationship.

Bear and M are living in a Dom/sub relationship. They seem very happy and really care about each other. B and I have played a very tiny bit in the Dom/sub style relationship, and it has filtered into the FLR that we live in now. Bear would like to have B in a submissive type of role as we move forward. He would like me to be in a form of a submissive role as we go forward as well. So, we are feeling this out and learning as we go.

Learning new things. So, B and I are still learning new things as we move forward.

We feel that we really connected with the two of them and B found them to both be attractive. So, the first hurdle has been jumped, find someone that B finds attractive. The next hurdle is to build a connection. The four of us all have a group chat that is more of the friendly nature, it doesn't involve any lifestyle talk. Bear and I have a private chat as well to learn more about what the two of us want out of this dynamic. Bear and B have started a chat as well. More about that later. Then B and M are also in a chat so the two can build a friendship,

Bear and B are working to build a connection and common language. As I said, Bear is a Dom and really exist in this form of the lifestyle. As part of the building a connection, he is also starting to build up the sub role in B. He has given her little tasks to complete each day. B now refers to him as Sir. These tasks, even though they may seem small, are building a routine moving forward. So far, B has done everything that he has asked without complaint. Some of the things she has asked me to help clarify or just support her with. She has some fears about moving into this dynamic, but I have assured her that the talks I have with Bear made clear what we want and don't want out of this.

Bear has also been adding assignments for both of us to complete throughout the week. An example would be discussing and getting dates set up for the next meet and drinks. He also had us talk about the D/s lifestyle and what our thoughts on how punishment and rules fit into all of it. Then report what we thought about it to him. The last major task was a survey that went through some of the more regular components of the lifestyle. It asked us about our prior experience with each thing and then what level of desire would we want to do with it. The answers ranged from hard limit to I love it. I will add the link to the survey at the end of this blog post.

We are now set to meet this coming Friday. This time, it will just be the three of us, as M will be staying home. Bear plans on doing more of a date with her. Where he will be sitting next to her, touching her and possibly kissing her. I will be there but not really sure what my role will be, except security blanket and voyeur.

Again, thank you all for being a part of this journey with us. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I answer everyone, if you don't get a response, check your trash or spam.

Here is the link to the checklist, you will need to copy and paste. I suggest using a computer to fill it all out.