Jul. 17, 2022

Oh what a night!!

This past week has been a really good week around here. I continue to knock out projects around the house and try to keep stress for B to a minimum. My day still remains the same, wake up, make her breakfast, lunch for work and then I have been doing a little bit of running to get in better shape. B heads off to work and I am on summer vacation right now, so I then start laundry, yard work and general house pick up. I have dinner ready for her when she gets home. Then we go for a long walk and talk about whatever is on our minds

This week's topic on our walks was obviously meeting up with Bear on Friday. Bear continues to have little daily tasks for B, which she is doing faithfully for him. I love seeing her do this each morning and night for him. Early in the week, we didn't really focus on the date so much, more of what do you think if this happens, or what if this situation comes up. We really didn't want to over think things but wanted to be prepared just in case.

A great example of what we talked about was an exit strategy if things didn't feel right. I asked her what a good sign would be if we needed to excuse ourselves and end the date. I put so much thought into her being comfortable on the date, that I really didn't think about myself. It wasn't until Thursday that she asked me what my sign would be if I am not comfortable at the date. We really didn't come up with any true signals for each other, but we really know how to read each other's body language.

Thursday was really the first start to getting ready for the date. B left work and went to get a manicure and a little pampering for herself. I like the idea of her spending more time on herself. That night, she did the normal getting ready for a date thing, like shave her legs and other things. I also gave her a full body massage and lotion treatment.

Well Friday finally got here. B had to go into work, and I was home for the day. Everything seemed to be just a normal day for the two of us. I did my things around the house and just stayed busy. There was only a very small point in the day that I had a little knot in my stomach. I think I was just overthinking it and was worried that B wasn't going to be happy or something silly like that.

B got out of work a little early and headed home. She finished getting herself ready and put on the new dress I bought for her. It was a white dress that had just the right amount of coverage for her to feel both sexy and confident. She then had a sheer cover up that went with it. My God, as I watched her get ready from the other room, all I could think was I am the luckiest man alive. Her tan skin, her beautiful body and just the way she naturally has sex appeal made me fall in love with her even more. As she finished getting her hair done up, she told me to go downstairs and make her a raspberry mojito. I went downstairs but took one more peek at her as I left.

We got in the car and started our drive to the date. It was about an hour to get to the brewery and to meet up with Bear. I only asked her one questions as we drove. I asked her on a scale of 1 - 10, with ten being very nervous, how was she feeling. She quickly said a 5. She then said she wasn't nervous at all. That put me at ease completely and we just listened to music the rest of the way.

Once we got to the brewery, we were just about to message Bear to let him know we arrived. He was already inside and had just gotten his first drink. He met us at the door and shook my hand and gave B a side hug. I then told them we needed seating for the three of us. For being a Friday, it wasn't very packed, but this place didn't have any booths, just high-top tables to sit at.

Once we got to the table, I sat across from Bear and he pulled B's chair right up to his. It almost seemed like an instant connection for the two of them. Even though at a table, the two started light touching under the table. I couldn't really see where their hands were, but I am sure they were in the right places. We then ordered drinks and an appetizer. After some small talk and a lot of touching between the two of them, Bear asked if the two of them could have some time alone. I picked up my drink and went to the bar.

I have no idea really how long I was gone. I actually placed myself in a spot that I couldn't see them. I wanted the two to have a moment of no pressure and to relax without me being there as a third wheel. I would say it was gone about ten minutes before B sent me a text and told me to come back to the table.

We all talked for a little bit longer, when Bear said that M was coming up to meet him. We finished our drinks, Bear picked up the tab and I paid the tip. I was hoping to pick up everything, but he was just too quick. We left the table and headed outside.

Once we got outside, Bear shook my hand and thanked us for coming up. He then turned to B. Their eyes locked for a second before they moved closer to each other. Bear and B then embraced for a kiss. This was the first time besides the touching at the table that I saw them kiss. The kiss was very long and passionate. B had to get on her tip toes to reach his lips. Their hands where on each other and then they broke apart. I just marveled at what I just saw. I pointed out that she had to be on her tip toes to kiss him, which she doesn't have to be with me. We all laughed and headed in different directions to our cars.

On the way to the car, which was in a parking garage, B was feeling a little flirtatious. She let me hike up her skirt to see her sexy ass and thong. We kissed again before getting in the car to head back home. In the car, she told me more about what happened when I was away from them. They did a lot of touching and actually kissed at the table. I asked her one more time about how nervous she was feeling and about how the next steps made her feel. She quickly answered with a one. Bear had made her feel so comfortable and wanted. He really made it comfortable for all of us.

My biggest take aways from the night. First it could have not gone any better. From the communication all week, to the playing at the table, drinks and the final kiss. Everything just went perfectly. Second and this might be my biggest take away, is that B is not a person who enjoys public displays of affection. But on this night, she let her hands wonder his body. She let his hands enjoy her body. She did say that she wished we were in a booth, so maybe just a little more could have taken place. The third is that no one felt weird. I didn't feel like a third wheel. They connected and it was beautiful to watch. Everything just felt right.

Now, even though this was just drinks and touching kind of date, B and I reconnected later that night when we got home. It was a combination of love making mixed with wild passionate sex. We drifted off to bed in each other's arms.

Now as I sit here on Sunday morning on the front porch with B typing this up, we both have had time to reflect. We 100% agreed that it was a great time and there are no issues or weird feelings about anything that happened. I feel that it has pulled us even closer than we already are. We have started to think about the next play date. This time it will be at a hotel. We have a slammed schedule coming up the next two weeks, but we are hoping that we can squeeze in another date this coming week.