Jul. 24, 2022

Daily Routines

So, after last week's blog about our first real date with Bear, there really hasn't been a lot to add on this week. Life always seems to get in the way. Between work, children, stress and the many other things we have to do, sometimes the lifestyle needs to take a week or two off. I am going to share with you today some of the tasks that he has for B each day and a little bit about the conversations that they are having with each other.

Let's get started with the tasks for B. So, B has several tasks that she must complete each day for Bear. One task is to send a picture of herself and what panty she is wearing that day. I really like this task for her personally. In her normal daily life before Bear, she would wear what we joke around as granny panties. The kind that are not fancy, cover the cheeks and just stay in place all day. Since being assigned this task, her panty of the day selection has switched to thongs or cheeky panties. At first, she was snapping a picture herself to send to him. She has now enlisted me in taking the picture for her to send. She has been doing this task for a few weeks now and she has done very well with it in my opinion. He only has asked once for a picture with no panties on and B send that without reservation as well.

Her second tasks to complete each morning is to text him and tell him good morning, Sir with an emoji kiss face. At the end of each night, she is to send a good night, Sir text with the same emoji face. These are just easy tasks that just help get her day to get started and ended by thinking about him a little bit more.

Another simple task that was started in the very beginning was to call him Sir. As Bear is a Dom, he wants the two of us to respect that and any text or kik message, we both address him as Sir. This has not been a problem at all for either of us. We are really working to learn more about the bdsm lifestyle and Bear is making the transition very easy for the two of us.

As the two continue to work on making a deeper connection with each other, they have found that texting isn't enough. So, Bear has now assigned B to tell him when she leaves work at the end of the day. This gives them both the time, if possible, to talk on the phone for a bit. B has found that actual talking to someone, is key for her connecting with a partner. I remember when we first started dating, talking on the phone for what seemed like hours at night with each other. So, I fully understand that part of this and will gladly give up some of our time to talk with each other after work.

Another tasks that he has directed for her is think about him. He wants her to think about his cock, his kisses, his touch every time that she has sex with me or uses a toy. This really isn't a hard part to add into all of this. Her dirty talk usually involves talking about him, his creampie, or having sloppy seconds.

As I have mentioned before, we have multiple chats going on. We have a group chat that includes all four of us. We have a chat that is only Bear, B and me. B and Bear also have a private chat with each other. M and B also have a chat going so that they can connect as well. I know it all sounds confusing and somedays it really is. In the group chat, it is set up as we are all friends. There isn't really lifestyle talk, no calling him Sir or anything like that. It is just set up so we can plan group things and dates.

Now, with B and Bear's private chat, things can get a little steamy. In that chat is where B sends her morning panty pictures. They talk a lot about things that may get done when we finally get to play at a hotel. He gives her compliments on her pictures and verbal praise when she does something special for him. Occasionally, B shares parts of those conversations with me. One that she shared a little while ago was about a scene that Bear was thinking about. He told her that once he was done fucking her, he wanted to cum inside of her. Then after he was finished, he wanted to make me clean her up. He asked if she had that same fantasy and she admitted that she did. This was interesting to me, as she had seen scenes of clean up duty on a few Twitter videos and told me, I could never make you do that. Well, it seems she might have changed her mind a bit.

B still has some reservations about all of this. She is still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Bear has M in his life. Even though she knows that they are experienced in the lifestyle, she still needs to mentally be ok with all of this. She would hate to be the reason for any issues in their relationship. She also knows that she wants that connection piece. I know that time will make it all easier for her. So, I am just here to support her as she puts it all together one piece at a time.