Aug. 8, 2022


So, not much has changed in the past few weeks since our real first date with Bear. Life has just been way to busy. We do have plans in the works for a second group date, but this one will have the ladies off on their own for a bit, while Bear and I just have a few drinks. They will meet us later to just finish off the night. Nothing really lifestyle will happen with that date, just making our friendship even stronger.

B and Bear are trying to lock down a hotel date, but with vacations, family and other obligations, a date hasn't been set as of yet. There has been some talk about what the hotel date will look like, but I will write more about that when it does happen. So, stayed tuned.

But really what I wanted to post in this blog is my appreciation of all of you. Even without posting anything new, I still had a lot of visits to the site. I started this back in February of this year with no idea what would come out of all of this. It was really just an online journal I was creating. It just happened to turn into a lot more. I can see weekly reports on where people are looking on the site and the numbers are very evenly divided up.

So, in the past two weeks I hit a huge milestone on the site. I hit over 10000 visits. I know many are repeat visitors and I appreciate that very much. Some are new visitors who have seen me post things on Twitter to share post. I have had some people reach out to me and ask questions or just send appreciation for sharing the journey we are on.

So, I just want to say thank you to all of you who come back week after week to be a part of this journey we are going on. Without all of you, I am not sure if I would have continued paying for the site and publishing almost every week. I am grateful for each of you, and I will keep sharing this journey with all of you.

As always, if you want more information or clarification, please use the contact page to reach me. Thanks again for the 10K views and let's hope for another 10K in the near future.