Aug. 14, 2022

Rip The Band-Aid Off

So, B has an expression she likes to use a lot. It's "rip the band aid off." When you put a band aid on something, it's all good just the way it is. But, when it comes time to take the band aid off, you have two methods. First you can try your best to remove it slow and steady. It works, but if in a bad spot, it can hurt. The second way is to just rip the band aid off in one quick motion. This second way is the fastest and hopefully the less painful way. It may be uncomfortable to do, but either way it needs to get done.

The reason I wrote that is this. B knows that in her life, she can just sit in her comfort zone. So, right now her comfort zone is just sitting there with the band aid on. All the things she has done in the past few months are comfortable to her. From talking with her first guy, O. To putting her toes in the water with a few other guys. Now with all she has done with Bear. The touching, the kissing, the tasks and building that connection, those are all in her comfort zone. She knows that she can live safely and without discomfort of the unknown here. She also knows if she isn't pushed to move forward, she wouldn't. So, between Bear and me, even though I am trying to not top from the bottom, she just needed that little push to rip the band aid off.

Bear and B have been talking through Kik and phone calls nearly every day. This has helped B out because she really needed to build a connection. She definitely feels that that has happened with the two of them. As well as a connection with M. So, that is why she is so comfortable at this stage. She fully knows that I am here to support her and encourage her. But she also knows that at some point she needs to rip off the band aid.

Bear and B have been trying to set up more dates, but with life, it can be hard. Every time we think a date will work; life happens. Bear did give us some ideas of what he would like to happen in the near future. The first thing that he wants is a day date in which the two ladies go off and do somethings together. Just let them bond a little bit more. The second is the hotel visit. After some discussion between B and I, we decided that the upcoming Friday or weekend would work for either option.

B asked me what I would like to do. It may have been a test for both of us, or it may have been that she wanted me to rip that band off for her. But I told her that I don't think I should be the one to decide that for her. I told her that we should give Bear the power to decide what he would like to do. His answer to me wasn't shocking at all, but to B it was. He decided that this upcoming Friday that the three of us should get a hotel room. I was then tasked to get the room for us. Luckily, we are in an area with lots of hotels to pick from. I picked one that is close for all of us and has a king size bed.

Next week, I will describe the hotel scene, but trust me, the band aid has been ripped off.