Aug. 21, 2022

Bear and the Hotel

B and I left our house with plenty of time to get to the hotel. Both of us were actually doing really well on the ride up. The only issue we were having was that the GPS wasn't working right and was trying to send us to the wrong hotel. Luckily, we got it all figured out and arrived about 30 minutes before Bear was set to arrive.

Pulling into the hotel, I started to instantly regret my hotel selection. Even though we were in a good part of town, it was like pulling into a very rundown neighborhood. The hotel was name brand, but this one definitely has seen better days, probably those better days were at least 20 years ago. B told me to go check in, she wasn't going to get out of the car until we had the room.

After getting the room key, I checked on B one more time. She again directed me to go to the room, make sure the AC was on and things were ok. I grabbed our bag of goodies to take into the room and headed up. The inside of the room wasn't any better than the rest of the hotel. It was in bad shape, but we were going to make it due for the night. I turned the AC on full blast, which surprisingly worked really well. I unpacked the three floggers that we were told to bring. Took out the three bottles of water and set them on the counter if they needed a drink. I also had some small vibrators and lube in the back if they wanted those as well.

After getting the room all set up, I headed out to get B. As I opened her car door, she gave out a big sigh and I asked are you ready to go in. She said, I guess so and got out. We headed in the side door and right up to the room. B wasn't impressed at all with this hotel. I was starting to feel really bad about my choice in this hotel. The hotel was not making this any easier for B. But she pushed through and sent Bear the room number.

It wasn't very long before we had a knock on the door. Bear was standing at the door and B greeted him with a nervous smile. They both entered the room, and I was just sitting in a chair watching the two greet each other. Bear stood behind her and we all talked for a few minutes. All the time we were talking, Bear was exploring her body with his hands and placing soft kisses on her neck and shoulders. B was wearing a simple blue dress that exposed the shoulders and hugged all of her curves perfectly.

After the small talk, Bear really started to explore. He let his hands trace all over her body. Slowly pulling up her dress just above her ass. He quickly noticed that she was wearing new panties that I had bought for her to wear tonight. It was a red g-string panty that the straps all came together into a metal heart at the base of her lower back. He then gave her a few soft slaps on her ass. They kissed deeply as he took her dress all of the way off and handed it to me.

B stood there in only in her panties and bra for both of us to take in the view. Bear took off her bra and had her step out of her panties. He then removed his shirt and ordered her to get on her knees in front of him. She did this without question. She was directed to undo his belt and shorts and pull out his cock. Bear was already semi erect from the foreplay as B pulled his cock into her hands. He directed her to suck his cock. She took him into her hungry mouth and started sucking him in as far as she could go. He told her that she was a good cock sucker as she moved up and down. Bear then looked at me and said how good of a cock sucker she was.

Bear then moved the action to the bed. He had me hand him the flogger so he could warm up her ass before he really started playing with her. I handed him a smaller flogger and the much larger one. He decided to use the smaller one this time. She positioned herself in doggy style as he at first lightly brought the flogger on to her ass with a small crack. Alternating between each cheek, he slowly picked up his pace and strength. B never flinched or pulled away. He then gave her a few smacks with his hand before moving behind her.

B sat there with her ass up in the air ready to take whatever Bear had for her. Bear positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock deep into her wet pussy. Within a few pushes, he was all the way inside of her. Doggy style is B's favorite position, so this was a great start of the sex for her. They alternated different angles of doggy, sometimes B had her head on the bed, other times she was on all fours and then Bear would lean back and pull her on top of him pushing deeper inside of her. During this time, he would give her ass some small slaps and made a comment on how nice and pink her ass was getting. He then told her that she was a good little slut. He told her that this was his pussy. He then asked her, whose pussy is this. She instantly responded with saying your pussy Sir.

Bear pulled out and told her to lie on her back. He positioned himself above her and entered her once again. His hands were exploring her chest, her breasts and her erect nipples. He picked up his pace, grabbed her hands and placed them above her head. Bear then let go of her hands and started to pull on her hair to push her harder on to his cock. B was grabbing the end of the bed, twisting the sheets in her hand as Bear thrusted deeper inside of her. He then had her lie on her side as he pushed himself even deeper into her. I could see that he had hit one of her spots as she let out a gasp and her eyes shot wide open.

After a little while, he pulled out of her and lied next to her on the bed. He directed her to suck his dick again. After cleaning his cock, he decided he wanted to begin again. They repeated everything above, but this time he was more forceful with his motions. He knew exactly what he wanted, and he knew she was going to give it to him. Once he was back on top again, you could see that he was ready to fully claim her pussy. He pushed deeper into her and arched his head back. With one final thrust, he whispered into her ear, I am going to plant my seed inside of you. He then started to cum inside her pussy. He left his cock deep inside of her until he was fully drained.

He then pulled out of her and laid beside her on the bed. He whispered into her ear something that I couldn't hear. But I knew exactly what was said as B looked at me with a devilish grin on her face. She then snapped her fingers and pointed to her pussy. She then said clean me up. I walked over to the side of the bed, got down on to my knees and slowly started licking her clit. I let my tongue wonder all over the length of her well fucked pussy. Sliding my tongue inside of her, Bear asked her if it felt good. She admitted that it did. He then asked if she liked the attention of two men on her body. She said yes. After she was pleased with my worship of her pussy, I went back to my chair.

The two of them then laid in each other's arms for a while. While everyone was recovering, we had a little bit of small talk before Bear ordered B to do one more thing. He had her lay across his lap with her ass in the air. He then ended the session with a few more slaps of his hand. He then got up, I handed him his shorts and shirt. We all thanked each other for the moment that we had just gone through. I gave him a bottle of water and he was on his way.

After Bear was gone, it was time for us to check in with each other. B was still on the bed naked, and I went over to her. We just held each for a few minutes and talked. We then started kissing each other. My hands started to feel her body and I placed a few soft kisses on her pussy. I then put my fingers inside of her and started to rub her spots. She stopped me because she didn't want to soak the bed. At this point, I was erect and asked her if she would suck my dick. She took me into her mouth and started to tease my cock. She then took my cock from her mouth and climbed on top of me. This was a position that they didn't do, but it is the position that is both of our favorites.

After sliding right inside of her, she started the naughty talk. At first it was just talking about what the two of them had just done. It then turned into talking about having his sloppy seconds and having my dick inside her with his cum. She then reached underneath me and started to grab my balls and play with the external area of the P spot. Between the talking, the pressure on my P spot and the silky feeling of her freshly fucked pussy, I started to cum deep inside of her. She ground her pussy into me a little bit longer just to tease my sensitive cock. She then hopped off of me and a large glob of our combined cum slid out of her and on to my leg and bed.

We cleaned each other up and got ready to head home. After packing up all of our toys and getting dressed, we decided it was time to check out and head home. On the car ride home, it seemed that we were both kind of kids in a candy store. The entire experience went way better than we thought it would. We agreed that the nerves went away pretty quickly. That even though the experience with Bear was different from what we do, it was a good different. B without really putting too much thought into it, said that she would do this again. She thinks next time, she wouldn't be nervous and a little bit less tense. We both agreed that besides getting a better hotel, we wouldn't have changed a thing.

So, now the journey has really run full circle for the two of us. We are still going to keep exploring our own sexual needs and desires and we will continue to let Bear explore with the two of us. We are looking forward to getting to know Bear and M even more in the near future and will be going on the day date with them soon. Who knows, maybe one day, Bear, M and B may just have a playdate together.