Sep. 5, 2022

Next Steps

Well, it has been a few weeks since the hotel night with Bear and I am sure some of you may be wondering what the next steps are. Last week's blog was just a check in for me with B to figure out her head space. We constantly are talking, but I just wanted to get her to think out loud and share with all of us her real thoughts during this entire journey. With that check in completed, we have decided on what our next steps will be.

First off, we are doing wonderful. I have not had any of the cuck angst that can happen especially in the early rounds of play. I think it helps to know that B and I are always supportive of each other. We laugh and joke about the night and me being a cheapskate on the hotel. I'm still kicking myself a little bit for that one. But oh well, as B says, it makes memories. Neither of us have any regrets on how the night went and all that has led up to that night.

Second, we are constantly talking with each other. Many of our conversations are still the same ones as before, but every once in a while, we spice it up just a bit. We talk about what we would like the next time that we play. I don't want to top from the bottom at all, but because she asks me what I would like, I can be open and honest with her. I have said that I would like her to get into it more. To really enjoy the experience this next time. Basically, to let her inner slut out. To worship his cock as she touches and sucks it. To move her body in motion with his. To be louder and show both of us how much she enjoys it.

Yes, with the first time being the first time, it was very much expected to be awkward and weird. Not knowing his body, knowing his touch and not knowing what he expected was going to be different. But as they continue, they will learn all they need to know about each other's style and desires.

Third, B has continued to do all of her tasks for Bear. I still take the panty picture each morning. I am now also in charge of cropping the picture to her liking. The two have communicated more to keep building on their connection.

Lastly, they have picked another night for a hotel visit. That will be this coming Friday. The three of us will be there. We are going in with open minds and are expecting it to feel much less awkward this time. As B is looking to up her performance, we are also looking to see what new things Bear brings in this time as well. Last time it was the flogging and spanking piece. The little bit of dirty talk and the orders from B to me. We are really looking forward to this upcoming date, but we never try to script anything out or put expectation to high. We just want to live in the moment and enjoy what this lifestyle has to offer all of us.

So, stay tuned for next week's blog and let's all keep communicating with our spouses, trusting in each other and work on having patience as we all navigate our sexual journeys.