Sep. 12, 2022

Second times the charm

This will be released in two parts. Here is part one.

This past week has been a stressful one for B and I to say the least. Between work, kid's sporting events and everything else life threw at us, we were just stressed. We had already set our next hotel date with Bear, so that was one thing that we had to look forward to. We just needed to make it to Friday.

B kept doing all of her tasks for Bear. He hasn't added any new ones, so the routine of all the tasks is very easy to follow. The two of them have been building their connection even deeper this past week. Besides the messaging, they have been talking on the phone a bit more. These little things go a long way with B.

Friday finally arrived, B had the day off and went to get her hair done. I had a full day at work, but B did send me a picture of her in the shower shaving her legs and getting herself ready for the night. She sent me a text that said she didn't know how to respond to one of Bear's messages. He had asked her if she has ever heard of the term snowballing. She had no clue what that meant. He sent her the definition. If you haven't heard of it, it is simply when one partner takes the cum of one person and passes it into the mouth of the other partner. He just wanted to know how she felt about it. She told me about their conversation and wanted my input. I knew of the term but told her I am always willing to do whatever makes her happy.

Once I got home, B and I took a shower together and started to get ready for the night. We then went into the bedroom and B laid on her back on the bed. She had me lotion her legs and upper body. I am always in awe when I do this for her. She is laying on the bed, naked, free and beautiful. Her sexiness is overflowing in these times. Her power just seems to flow naturally. We read each other's bodies needs without even having to say a word. These are the small moments that really make this lifestyle amazing. I know that I am standing there in awe of her, massaging and applying lotion to her and doing this not just for her enjoyment, but the enjoyment of another man.

B then got off the bed and started looking for her outfit for the night. She has so many dresses that I just love on her body. But this time, she pulled out a new sundress. The lighter colors of the dress really highlighted her golden tan that she has gotten throughout the summer. She then asked me what panties I wanted her to wear. Without hesitation, I replied none. I also said no bra, but that was turned down by her. Damn, she looked so good.

On the car ride to the hotel, she did a little bit of teasing. Besides talking about the snowballing idea, she would hike up her dress a little bit to show me her fresh shaved legs and pussy. She seemed to be very relaxed compared to the last car ride to the hotel. I put on a song playlist that I am putting together that definitely has some sexy songs on it. The car directions interrupted a few times as we drove, but we found the hotel with no problem at all.

Once we arrived at the hotel, we were both happy with Bear's pick. The location and the hotel were not really that far from the first hotel we went to, but that little bit of distance really made a big change. We were about 15 minutes early, so we sat in the car and enjoyed the moment with each other. After a few songs played, B messaged up to Bear that we were here and if he was ready for us to come up. He replied that he was ready and off we went.

As we walked up to the room, we noticed Bear had propped the door open just a little bit. B knocked on the door and we were told to come on in. As we entered, Bear walked over to greet B with a kiss. I walked past the two of them and went to the other bed. Bear almost immediately started to feel B touching under her dress. She told me that he was running his hands up and down her thighs feeling for panties. Once he didn't feel any, he told her he was very proud of her, and it was really sexy. He then slid a finger into her waiting pussy as she faced away from him.

Bear then took his hands off of her and started to get ready. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. He lifted her dress up above her hips and pulled her backwards. Once he was lined up, her commanded her to sit down on his cock. Her moist pussy slid right down taking in his full length in one motion. He started pumping inside of her as he pushed her back and forth by her hips. B quickly started pushing herself harder into his thrust, matching his thrusts and letting out small moans as she did.

Bear then stopped her and had her take off her bra and reposition herself. He did tell her to also keep the sundress on. Bear undressed and positioned himself directly behind her, pushing her breasts on to the top of the bed. He lifted her dress over her hips and took her from behind. His strokes were very strong and deep. B took every inch of him and showed her pleasure with moans that just kept getting louder with each thrust. His hands moved from her breasts to her bare ass. With her ass fully exposed, Bear took turns spanking each cheek with two smacks at a time. The harder he spanked her, the more she seemed to thrust back into him. It seemed that she was really feeding off of his energy.

Things were really starting to heat up and I could see B had really let herself get into being with Bear. Bear stopped taking her from behind and directed her to get on her knees and take his cock into her mouth. As B took him into his mouth, I could see that she was really enjoying the moment. She was using her hands on his shaft and balls, taking him as deep as she could go. Bear would then make comments about how good of a slut she was and what a good cocksucker she was. He then pulled out of her mouth and directed her to get on the bed.

Part two will be coming soon.