Sep. 12, 2022

Part two

Things were really starting to heat up and I could see B had really let herself get into being with Bear. Bear stopped taking her from behind and directed her to get on her knees and take his cock into her mouth. As B took him into his mouth, I could see that she was really enjoying the moment. She was using her hands on his shaft and balls, taking him as deep as she could go. Bear would then make comments about how good of a slut she was and what a good cocksucker she was. He then pulled out of her mouth and directed her to get on the bed.

B positioned herself on the bed looking into Bear's eyes. Bear took all of his clothes off and climbed on top of B, he placed his cock in front of her pussy and pushed slow and steady. B let out a small moan as he pushed deeper into her. Bear then picked up speed, thrusting deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. Her moans grew louder and louder as he picked up his pace. All B could do was grasp tightly on to the sheets and push herself back into him. I knew that B was enjoying this as I could see her toes tighten and curl, an obvious sign that I know of so well. Bear then pulled out of B and told her to suck his dick again. She got on to her knees and reached down to grab his cock and place it into her mouth.

Bear then ordered her to lie on her back. B straddled him and as she sunk his cock inside of herself, she asked him how he wanted her to ride him. He just told her to ride how she wanted, and he would tell her to change if he wanted to. B started moving her hips back and forth and then what she did next was a surprise to Bear, but not to me. She reached back behind herself and started to play with his balls. She had to stop as her dress was getting in the way, but Bear hiked it up over her hips and told her to keep doing that. This is really one of B's go to moves with me as well. She knows how to drive a man wild! Bear then told her that they were going to switch angles so that I could see them both better. They were facing away from me, but I could see her hungry pussy taking all of his cock deep inside with every thrust.

What happened next was a surprise to me this time. Bear told B to lie on her back with her head over the edge of the bed. He then told me to perform oral on her, while she was going to suck his dick. I quickly got between her legs and started licking her clit and pussy lips. I could taste the two them with every lick. The heat from her pussy was intoxicating. I couldn't see her sucking his dick during this, but I could tell she was doing her best to take him as deep as possible. Sometimes her body would flinch, and I could tell she was really trying to be that good cocksucker he tells her she is.

After a few moments, I was told to go back to the other bed and for B to get on her back again. Bear moved between her legs again and really started picking up his pace and pushing as deep as he could. It didn't take very long that he ordered her take his dick in her mouth. As soon as she put his cock in her mouth, he started to shoot ropes of cum into her waiting mouth. He then told her to come over and kiss me. B held his cum in her mouth and looked deep into my eyes. I am not sure if she was looking for me to say no or give him some other answer. She leaned down and put her tongue into my mouth. Mixing his cum between our two mouths as our tongues searched deep into each other.

After that, we all took a break for just a bit. He then directed B to suck his cock to attention again. Bear just laid there as B started to suck his dick. It was such a wonderful view. Her ass and pussy were facing in my direction. B knew she was putting on a show for me as she reached back and pulled her sundress all the way over her hips. To me, that is the sexiest view of B. Her beautiful ass and pussy for all to see. The way she wiggled up and down as she sucked his cock. I had to restrain myself from jumping up and wanting to eat her out some more.

Once Bear was hard again, B was placed on her back one more time. Bear grabbed one of her legs and pinned it up against her breasts. He sunk deeply into her one more time. Pounding into her with a very fast pace. I knew he was hitting just the right spot as I could her B moaning even louder than before. Bear with a final thrust, started to cum deep inside of her pussy. He held himself there, letting every last drop of cum fall into her. He then pulled out and the two cuddled next to each other for a few moments.

Bear then said he was going to take a shower and if the two of us wanted, we could reconnect on the bed. Once he got out of the shower, he was going to pick up M so the two of them could spend the night in the hotel. B and I decided that we were going to just go home and let them have the night without us messing up their schedule. On the way home, we just talked about how the time went. We both agreed that B was not nervous. That she was able to let herself really get into this time.

Once we got home, we started a little fire in the backyard pit and just enjoyed each other's company. We talked about the night a little more, but we mostly just talked about how amazing each one of us is. I then asked B what the Pros and Cons of this lifestyle are. She said that the Pros are that she has two dicks that are satisfying her. She can now get sex anytime she wants and that the two styles of sex are amazing. The Cons are that it does take a lot of time. But she knows without taking the time to connect with Bear, none of this would be possible.

We then went in and took a shower together. She told me that she was kind of sore down there and I told her with all that fucking, I would be surprised if she wasn't a little tender. I then told her we can take the night off. We kissed and got into bed. But in normal B fashion, she reached over and started to play with my cock. I told her not to get me excited or else, but she knew what she was doing. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube. Putting it all over my cock, she straddled me and started to move back and forth. As we moved together, she then told me she wanted me cum inside of her. I pumped deep inside of her and as she grabbed my balls, I then shot my cum inside of her well used pussy.

The next morning, she woke me up with a blowjob. She was still on a sexual high from the night before. Once I was hard, she lubed me up again and rode me until she was satisfied. She then hopped off and said, ok let's get this day going. We jumped in the shower; I washed her up and she washed me up.

So that is the second part of the Second times the charm blog. I really appreciate all of you for taking the time to go on this journey with us. If you have followed from the beginning, you know that this lifestyle isn't a sprint. This is a long walk in the park. So, while you walk with your partner, remember to keep talking. Keep listening and always be honest with each other. Take it as slow as needed, there is no rush.

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