Sep. 18, 2022

We all need Friends!

After every playdate, we have noticed that there is always some downtime in the lifestyle. We are not a couple that has multiple guys that we play with, at least right now we don't. But we are open to the idea later in our journey.

So, I have decided to dedicate this blog to all the wonderful people that I have meet on this journey. In this lifestyle, there are times in which you feel so very alone and that you have no one to share what is going on in your head. You fear that if you talk to your best friends, that they may judge you and even worse, share your secrets with others. There just isn't a lot of people you can get support within those tough moments or even share the positive times with.

Early on, we met through a Facebook group our first real friends in the lifestyle. We will call them J and A. They are about ten years older than us but were nearly at the exact spot in the journey as we were. It was wonderful to share ideas with and feel absolutely no judgement from. We still message them a few times a week, but they live just far enough away, we haven't been able to go and visit. But it is on our bucket list of things to do.

But that was pretty much the extent of making friends in the Facebook world. So, I turned to the world of Twitter. Before this, I never used Twitter. I saw it as a political tool and just a place of people expressing their views and if you didn't like them, well you're an idiot. It didn't take long before I saw a much different side of Twitter. I followed a lot of my favorite Podcasters, which then lead to other people in the lifestyle. It was great to see that this lifestyle was actually more common than one would think. But just following people wasn't really going to help one make new friends.

I decided to start posting positive things each day and see where that got me. It earned me a lot of followers. Most of the time, it would be the Be Nice kind of challenges. Before long, I started getting people to follow me and even comment on those challenges. The early stages of new friendships were starting to be made.

I then took a bigger leap into the lifestyle. I did a few Mon app chats and I noticed that the people who were following me joined in to listen to me there. We had some great discussions in those chats. More and more people started following me and I started following more people who were strong people in the lifestyle.

Then something along the way just happened. I was talking back and forth with some of those strong men in the lifestyle and they were looking at me as their equals. At this point, we had not played or even went on any dates with other men. We were still very much vanilla. But they decided to start a group of men on Twitter that were men of all levels of the lifestyle. But the one main focus was the cuckold component. I wasn't just invited into the group; I was asked to be a moderator for the group.

The group brought so many guys together that it was just amazing to see. We had guys talking about chastity, first dates, cuck angst and chastity (yes, I know I said that twice, but we talk a lot about that). We also talk about life in general. We built a brotherhood and really just let people know they didn't have to go through any of this alone.

Since that group, there have been smaller spin off groups. Each group deals with a different topic usually. But the main subgroup is really the heart and soul of the men. This powerful group of men communicate daily. We have shared so many things on so many different levels. There is never judgement. There is honesty and sincerity between all of us. I am not going to list out these wonderful men on here, but if you follow me on Twitter, I am sure you are already following them. Their voices lift loud and true.

We have also stepped up that communication as well. Many of these men have shared their stories on many different podcasts and even got me to be on one as well. It hasn't been released yet, but maybe one day it will. That is up to the Doc. But we have multiple times zoomed called our group of men together. We sit with each other, share a few stories and have a drink or two. I just hope that we can all find a time and place to actually sit-down face to face, hold our drinks up high and cheers to friendships and the lifestyle.

Because of this blog and through my Twitter presence, I am often making new friends. I do respond to each person and do my best to guide them on their own personal journey. I hope that it helps, because I remember the early stages of the lifestyle.

So, here is my advice to everyone. Don't feel scared to make friends in the lifestyle. It may take time to get true friends, but don't give up. You are not alone and everything you are doing has probably in some way has been done before. It's ok to ask for advice and help. If you need your first friend in the lifestyle, look me up on Twitter @chastdub I will follow you, talk with you, really listen to you and if you want, guide you on your journey.

I appreciate all my friends I have made and look forward to all the friends I will make. Stay positive in all that you do and have faith that the journey is really what the two of you make it. Don't follow anyone else's path, make your own.