Oct. 9, 2022


In honor of the great month of October and all the things that happen during this month, I dedicate this blog post to Loctober. If you are new to the lifestyle and are wondering what is Loctober, it is a month that has been dedicated to chastity. This month can mean many different things to couples, some men will be 100% of the month will be locked in chastity. Other couples will do off and on increments of time during the month. Some couples will incorporate games, punishments, challenges during the month to add excitement. No matter what role you and your partner decide to take, talk to each other and just have some fun with it.

Our journey into chastity started a while ago in our journey. I bought my first cage a few months into our journey as we began to talk about living more of an FLR marriage. I wanted B to feel the power that a female can have in our marriage. At first, B wasn't really sure about the entire thing. It was just weird to her that she would lock my cock up and have control of everything that goes on sexually with me. But she did like that having me locked up, would stop any chance of me masturbating. We both found that was one of the big issues in our marriage. She said, if we are going to journey on this path, that I would have to completely stop pleasuring myself. Being locked up was an instant answer to our little problem.

We had to do a little trial and error to find what really worked. Between finding multiple cages and finding how much of the day she wanted me to be locked up, we just had to see what we both liked. I found a few cages that were comfortable to wear, I have gotten all of my cages from lockthecock.com. I found the prices and quality to be what we were looking for. We played around with duration a lot in the early months. We did try a long term 24 hour lock up for multiple days. We also tried just being locked up for any portion of the day that we weren't together. But in the long run, we found that I was only to be locked up as a punishment. Basically, if I didn't give her the attention she deserved or I angered her, she would snap her fingers and say go lock up. I learned quickly to give her the attention and respect she deserved.

During our journey, B has found her happy place when it comes to me being locked up. Most of the time, I am not locked up. B likes to have full access to all of me, whenever she wants it. If I do lock up, I have found it to be at my request. Which she is happy to lock me up. We both found, that even though I do pay attention to her more, when locked up, it becomes even more. I find that my urge to please her in any way she wants is always on my mind. I find myself in a more constant state of arousal. But the arousal is not self-focused. My brain is looking for ways to please her sexually. I didn't even care about my own orgasm; my mind used the time I was locked up to close the orgasm gap between us.

With Loctober upon us, we both watched on Twitter all the other great men who were partaking in Loctober. I decided that I would order a new cage for us to play with. Once it arrived, I tried it out, as it was a completely new style then we have played with before. The biggest issue we have found, and most men will find is the ring size around your base. The cage that I ordered actually came with three different sizes, which I was excited about. The next morning, I put on the lock and sent a picture to B.

We both are still playing to with how much we like to play during the month. B doesn't have me sleep in the cage. She does like that I wear it when I am not with her, which I am happy to do that for her. She also doesn't have me wear it when I am doing a lot of yard work. She just doesn't want any weird injuries to occur and then we have to shut anything down sexually for us. I am excited to be on this journey with her and when she feels chastity is needed, I will be happy to oblige her.

To all the men who are partaking in Loctober, I applaud you. The dedication you have for the lifestyle and your partner is outstanding. I may not be locked 100% of the time as some of you are, but I do understand to some level what you are going through. To all the men who may be interesting in starting chastity, start by talking with your partner. Let them know you have an interest in the chastity and how you can both benefit from adding this to your relationship. Also remember, that with everything in this lifestyle, there is no right or wrong way to go about this. Start slowly and find your comfort zone.