Oct. 30, 2022

Halloween Fun

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. From the earliest times that I can remember, I always looked forward to this holiday. We didn't grow up rich at all, so our costumes were always handmade, and I give my mom a lot of credit, she did an amazing job. We also didn't have a lot of extras for candy in our house and I have always had a sweet tooth. So, getting a bag full of candy was always a real treat for me as a kid. I also loved seeing the decorations and doing the haunted house things as a kid. Now as an adult, I am working on each year to create a display of decorations for kids to see and hope that they get the same joy I did as a kid.

So, how does Halloween and this blog tie in together you might ask? Well, B and I have been going the past few years to a Halloween party of friends. Normally we go, dress up, have a few drinks, stand by the fire and then head home kind of early. Last year, we both dressed up as Roman nobles and I will say, B really looked good in the costume. This year though, I dressed as a referee and B was the Football Fantasy Dream Girl. Now if you follow me on Twitter, you will see a few of her pictures. Let me tell you this, I am a very lucky man. She definitely scored in this costume. So, this blog is going to talk about what I was able to see in B this year compared to the past few years.

Normally, B and I are pretty private people. Even when it comes to the holidays. We do the normal family get together and enjoy the more vanilla side of things. But lately, B and I have been stepping out of our comfort zone more and more. Doing more events with groups that we would not normally ever hang out with. Even though these events are 100% vanilla, it is nice to just be going out and doing these things that before entering the lifestyle, we would really never want to do.

So, the Saturday of the party was here, it was a typically normal day for us. We slept in just a little bit, then headed into town to get groceries and B's costume. We got back and decided it was way too nice to sit inside. So, we decided to rake leaves and just spend some time with the family. We made some lunch and then kind of just relaxed, B took a little nap and I just enjoyed sitting there watching her and a little bit of football on TV.

After B was up and around, we took a shower and started to get ready for the night. We knew it was going to be a colder night when the sun went down, but B still put on her costume as it was meant to be. The way it hugged her curves and just highlighted her natural beauty had me in aww. We took a few pictures, the pictures that you can see on Twitter. After that, she put on some leggings and a long-sleeved shirt. But damn, she was still looking great. We then headed to our friend's house for a little pregame drinking. It was really nice to catch up with them as we haven't had a lot of time to see each other.

We left their house and headed to the party. Once we got there, the transformation was already starting with B. Normally she would just find a spot at the party and get her drink and just coast through the night. But tonight, was going to be different. B was instantly just fitting right in. She had her drink in her hand and a smile on her face. She was laughing and having a really good time. Finally, all of the guests had arrived, and the party was really going.

As with most adult Halloween parties, the women had a reason to dress up in something slutty. These was for most of the women their dress for the night. Our close friend wore a sexy mouse costume. Now keep in mind, she has very large breast and they were on full display for the night. As the alcohol was starting to kick in for everyone, the vanilla side of the party seemed to be less of a focus. It definitely didn't help that one of the guys was dressed up as a skeleton but had an inflatable penis that stuck well outside of his costume. The ladies seemed to all love touching him and there were a lot of pictures taken with him.

B really started to just let loose. We went out to the garage to play a few party games, and everyone was just having a great time. The sexual jokes really started flowing from everyone. There was a lot of ass spankings going on as well. Next thing I see as I look across the garage was B motor boating our friend's breast. That was followed by another one of the girls pulling out our friend's nipple and licking it. There was a lot more touching and grabbing of breast and body parts by all the girls. None of these actions would have ever been done by the old B.

B was just living in the moment. She just let go of thinking and just started to enjoy life. She was showing her natural raw power that she has without even knowing she was doing it. It was amazing to see her smiling and laughing. It was great to see that she let herself go. The way she fit right in with all the other women having fun was something I hadn't seen before.

B was an equal opportunity flirter at the party. Along with the females at the party, she was also flirting or open to the guys flirting as well. There really wasn't anything overly sexual with the guys, but she didn't get upset when a hand from who knows who would give her a spank on the ass. Or when the one guy that had a very large dildo down his pants would rub up against her. He then switched it to a vibrating dildo that he would rub up against the females. B just laughed and enjoyed the humor in the moments.

Once we got home, had a few more laughs and got into bed. Maybe it was from all the sexual thoughts going on at the party, or maybe we just wanted each other. We had sex and then fell asleep in each other's arms.

It has been amazing to see the changes in B over the past year and a half. B is letting go of the idea of being embarrassed if she lets herself open up. She has embraced her beauty and isn't afraid to give just a little taste to those around her. If they want to look, she is fully ok with it. She is really starting to not follow the social norms that she lived so many years of her life following. I feel so very lucky to being a part of her transformation. She is making me a better person because I know she is really enjoying her life. As she grows in the lifestyle, as she grows as a person and as she grows as my wife, I just realize how lucky I truly am.